3 month old daughter could she be teething?

My daughter is 3 months old and she just recently started to drool a lot could this mean that she is teething?

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    It's highly possible...that's on the younger side, but it's very possible. It could be a few weeks before she actually cuts teeth, but you never know!

    My daughter was 3 months at 2 days old when she CUT her first tooth and 3 months and 8 days when she cut her second tooth. She actually started teething at 2 months old and the doctor told me she probably wasn't teething. Just follow your baby's cues and let nature take its course.

    But yes, it's highly possible.

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    Yep, it might be teething - some babies are even born with teeth. As they say, all babies are different, there are really no guidelines you can rely upon.

    Also, it might be that she is not exactly teething in the sense that teeth are cutting through the gums, but they are "coming down". If you lift her lip you'll probably see whitish squares in the gums - her future teeth.

    On the other hand, drooling just means that babies cannot swallow their saliva as it starts producing more and more.

    I have a friend who has a 4-month old - he is drooling so much that she has to change (both her and her son) after carrying him for awhile as the clothes are soaking wet. No teeth yet, though.

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    My baby got teeth at 17 weeks so it is possible. But I was told this interesting fact. Babies at 3 months are starting to get the enzymes in their mouth to help break down foods. AS adults we are constantly swallowing so we don't drool, babies don't swallow all the time that is why they drool.

    When my baby got her teeth it seemed immediate. One day there was nothing there, I couldn't see or feel anything and the next day there was a BRIGHT WHITE sliver on the bottom gum, It was amazing.

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    Yes she is most likely teething. That is when my daughter started. Everyone told me that was too early but she is 8 months old now and has 7 teeth.

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    That's a bit young. It's not impossible, but probably its just the first start of teething. A baby can feel the teeth weeks or even months before the cut through. That's more likely what it is.

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    It is possible that she is teething. It is also possible that she is just drooling. My son started drooling a lot around that age and everyone

    said he was teething, but he did not cut his first tooth until 7 months.

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    Wow, I could have written this posting. Let me guess, she chews on the edges of blankets, she is flipping up her pretty dresses to chew on, when you put the bottle in her mouth she chews on the nipple for a good ten seconds before she starts to eat, she sticks all 4 fingers in her mouth, and there seems to be an amazing amount of drool coming off of her, so much so that you are starting to wonder if she should wear a bib at all times, but then she would just chew on that! She has been a bit warm to the touch, but no really high fever, just around 99, maybe 99.5, and her stool is a lot looser, and may have changed color. My little one just turned 12 weeks and 2 days and we have been dealing with this for about 2 weeks now. When she gets REALLY fussy and exhausted i give her a bit of tylenol before bed so she can get a good night's sleep and not be achy and feverish. In short, yup, she is teething!

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    Yes she can start at 3 months, some are even born with teeth.

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    My son got his 2 first teeth at exactly 3 months. I went to the pharmacy to get some baby oragel and had to ask the pharmacist if it was ok to give such a young infant. He said it was fine but had a hard time believing me. Babies have been born with teeth, so it really just depends on the kid!!

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    yes my cousin she is 12 months and she has 10 teeth but when she was 3 months she had 4

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