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What do you think of these names? (all of them)?



Kaira (Kai-air-rah)


Cori (or Correy depends on gender of main character)


Paitynn (or Payton depends on gender)






Priya (pre-ah)

Aiiya (i-e-ah)







They are not F'ed up names, I know alot of people who have these names.

22 Answers

  • DGS
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    I like Hayden, Nicole, Maya, and Alexander. Most of the rest of them are really bad and would give people the impression that you don't know how to spell.

  • 1 decade ago

    Please don't take offense, but these are my opinions.

    Shianne - Yuck

    Ciara - OK

    Kaira (Kai-air-rah) - Yuck

    Sean - Good traditional name

    Cori (or Correy depends on gender of main character) - Sounds cute for a baby but gay for a grown man

    Hayden - OK but getting too common

    Paitynn (or Payton depends on gender) - spelling is gay

    Lianne - nice

    Emmaleigh - nice name but i don't like the spelling

    Dayja - No!

    Fallon - like the small towin in Nevada? No!

    Niosha - No!

    Priya (pre-ah) - No!

    Aiiya (i-e-ah) - No!

    Maya - Nice

    Denise - OK

    Nicole - Nice but very common

    Alexandria - nice

    Alexander - nice

  • Shianne, ciara, Kaira (spelled Kyera-easier to pronounce), Sean, Hayedon, Paitynn (for a girl only spelled Peyton or Payton), Lianne, Fallon (spelled Phalon), Maya (or Maia), Nicole, Alexandria, or Alexander.

    Very Creative.

    Please don't name your child Aiiya, it sounds like someone is screaming!

  • 1 decade ago

    I really like Maya from the list or Aiiya and Priya are very pretty too. It's good that you're thinking of names that not everyone else's kid will have. Try growing up a "Jenny"... there were 4 of us in the same class growing up. Your kid might be spelling his/her name for the rest of their life (Is that Jenny with a 'y'?) but at least they won't be looking around when they hear their name and the person who called it is actually looking for someone else.

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  • Shianne - spell it normal orpeople get confused

    Ciara - nice

    Kaira (Kai-air-rah) nice

    Cori (or Correy depends on gender of main character) - spell it properly!

    Paitynn (or Payton depends on gender) -no way

    Emmaleigh no way


    Fallon no way, sounds like failing

    Niosha reminds me of "no"

    Priya (pre-ah) the car is toyota prius

    Aiiya (i-e-ah)

    Maya nice

    Denise old lady

    Nicole too common

    Alexandria too common

    Alexander common

  • 1 decade ago

    one Denise is great and not old lady I am a Denise

    Nicole is a beautiful name

    Sounds like you want a common name just a different spelling

    Think about it this way when you were young and people spelled your name wrong it bugged you right

    Well think about your child they may like it or they may not

    When the baby comes out you will just know how to spell the name. They are all beautiful though and there is really no right or wrong way to spell when it somes to names.

  • 1 decade ago

    i like them all except Hayden, paitnn, Emmaleigh, niosha priya, and Aiiya

  • Serena
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I think they are all very pretty. I love Ciara and Kaira. I had a really sweet student named Payton but I would probably stick with the name for a female.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maya is very cute for a girl. I am going to name my daughter Isabella Rose.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    shianne: I really like it but I like it spelled cheyenne (like on the show Reba)

    Ciara: it's a pretty name

    Kaira: don't like how about Kyra (keer-rah)

    sean: really like but I like sean spelt Shawn

    cori: I like for a boy not a girl but spelt corey

    Hayden : meh it's ok

    paitynn: it's ok for a boy but spelt payton like the football player payton manning

    Lianne: like but I like it spelt this way leanne

    Emmaleigh: really love this name but not spelt like that I like it spelt Emily

    Dayja: nope HATE it

    Fallon: nope hate it

    niosha: nope nice dog name but not very good for a kid

    Priya: nope dont like

    Aiiya: nope dont like

    Maya: LOVE IT

    Denise: like it

    Nicole : like it

    Alexandria: like it

    Alexander: it's alrite


    here are a few of my fav. names

    liam:for a boy

    Noah: boy

    Aidan douglas ( that's my son's name)

    parker :boy


    Emily: girl



    just a few other ideas

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