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Who was the first man to be an astrologist and travel the universe without a spaceship?

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    What a great Q.

    I had a few in mind, but I pushed them back, thinking of even the most primitive of our species, who gazed at the sky and even in fear and wonder, wondered "WHY, HOW, WHAT IF?"

    Then I slid into an old David Bowie lyric,,, "This is Major Tom to Ground Control."

    I considered this not strictly a philosophical Q until I pondered one word you used, "Travel" and don't we all, even when we don't, in the strict sense.

    Good on ya.

    Steven Wolf

  • mitch
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    1. Can't say as an utter fact who the first woman or man was an astrologer, but the Egyptians followed the planets & recorded the transits of Pluto, before Percival Lowell rediscovered Pluto. This leads me to believe that they had developed some advanced means of recording the outer body planets transits.

    2. Very important to remember that there is a great vast area of history uncovered, simply because of gender. So, don't assume any gender came up with any idea, or discovery first.

    Source(s): Astrologer over 30 years.
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