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My son is going to the bathroom again but i have bigger problems now...his mother is claiming that I stole the baby and wants to have me arrested while Brayden is put up for adoption....My lawyer knows the whole sory but who is not gonna believe a mother who tells them a physco man stole my son and i think he should be put up for adoption.....So basically im screwed....I love my son so much but what if i lose him?

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    joey, if your lawyer knows what is happening, then why isn't he helping you to keep your son??

    i would get CPS (child protective services) involved. you are his father and you have rights. the baby cannot be put up for adoption without you and the mother both agreeing to it. if you want to keep him, then you have the right to, even if she doesn't want the baby.

    just take solace in knowing the truth and make sure that you take care of brayden and things will be o.k.

    if she doesn't want her son that doesn't mean that you can't have him.

    keep in contact with your lawyer and contact CPS and tell them what she is trying to do. tell them that you are concerned and you aren't sure what to do b/c you want to keep your son and you aren't sure if she is even stable right now.

    take care and i wish you all the best.

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    you need to keep the faith and fight for your son don't let that women take over.

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