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Last night we sold one of our pit bull puppies to an aquatints who gave it to her friend for a x-mas present.?

The puppy was healthy, wormed, vet checked, and had its shots, gave the ok for it to go to it's new home. This morning the woman who we sold it to called and said that the person she gave it to called her this morning and said that the puppy had had 10 siezures and would not eat or drink during the night. The woman didn't put the puppy in a cage and let it sleep in the bed with her all night. She wants to bring the pup back and get a new one. She didn't take it to the vet or even call the vet. She can't bring it back until tonight. I said that I would pick him up right away. I don't have the phone number to their home I only have the phone number to their freind who bought it for them. More info: I just talked to the woman who bought the pup. She said that she talked to her firends boyfreind and her boyfriend said that his she was overreacting and the pup was shaking because it was scared. He said this morning the pup ate, drank, and was running around playing.


I just talked to vet and she said it sounds like normal behavior for a pup in a new home. If it was siezures what would cause them?

Update 2:

I just want to add that I did have a contract with her and did tell her that it would not be valid when she gave the dog to her friend. But I did tell her to give them my number and to call for any reason at any time. The pup had all of his first shots. Also the woman who bought the pup from us was giving it to her good freinds children which are her godchildren. Their mother (the woman who has the pup now) was seeking a pit bull anyway for her children for christmas. These children are young and thier mom and dad were planning on getting them a pup for Chirstmas. Their friend just happened to get the pup for the children first. The parents knew about it, it wasn't a surprize. When the woman who bought him was here, she was on the phone with her friend telling her markings, looking at the pups pallet etc.. So this wasn't a surprize at all. Also the woman who bought the pup was not my freind. I just knew her from our children playing together at my house about 2 yaers ago.

Update 3:

Also I sent the pup with a bag of the same food I have fed him since weening. Thanks for your help and the pup is doing fine. Happy Holidays!

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    Please get the pupers back. She doesn't deserve your dog. Give her the money back and tell them to rescue one from a kill shelter.

    We have adopted out over six hundred pets this year and if she is acting this way it will continue. Something will always be wrong. She will have the pet so screwed up by the time she realizes she doesn't want it at all that it will mess up the pups chance of a good home.

    If she couldn't listen and crate the pup then it will come back later with bevavior problems that you will have to deal with. Find someone better for the little dude. Pits get a bad name and she will create and issue for him to have to contend with when he is older.

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    Why do people give baby animals to people as presents? A pet should be wanted and researched before you get it and you should get it yourself. Adding a pet to your family is a very personal thing to do and should be done by the family getting the pet, not a friend. Obviously the friend that bought it has no brain, since she gave it to someone completely clueless about animals.

    But like a few people here already said, I don't know what your question is..... Do you think you should get the dog back? If it were me I would give the friend her money back and get the puppy back, and next time be sure that the puppy is going to a home that wants a dog, not as a surprise.

    Do you think something is wrong with the puppy?...That is hard to tell without seeing it yourself and/or taking it to the vet. (since the people who have are clueless it's hard to go by the information you are getting) As I said. I would get the dog back and find a good home for it, not leave it with stupid people to learn by trial and error.

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    You might want to go and get the pup back anyway and refund their money! It really sounds like the woman that got the pup doesn't know how to take care of it......if my pup had seizures or I even suspected one-I'd have my baby to the vet's or EPC in no time! Sounds like that puppy is going to have a hard life! Get it back and sell it to someone that can care correctly for it and give it a good home!at least for the puppy!

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    Take the puppy back and DO NOT GIVE HER ANOTHER ONE! Frst and foremost, a animal should never be given as a christmas gift. Christmas gift puppies are often dropped in shelters after the cuteness has worn off. Secondly, this is the worse and most stressful time of year for a puppy to leave. The holidays are strewn with people coming and going, and not having the focus to be attentive to the puppies needs.

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  • CF_
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    as a breeder did you give them a contract with included your guarantee??

    did you know it was going to be a Christmas pressent?? did the woman know she was getting it?? what did she feed it - did it eat Chocolate??

    was it on the same food you had it on??

    WHY OH WHY didnt she take the puppy to the vet imediately?? I would NOT give her another puppy becuase:

    1 puppies should NEVER be Christmas gifts

    2 she didnt take it to a vet at the time

    3 she wasnt the person you sold it to originally so you were fruaded on your contract by selling it to one person who clearly didnt want it

    so take the puppy back and refund her money like any ethical breeder would do

    sounds like the puppy is ok now.. could have been stress and stuff - but in the future if you decide to continue to breed make sure you screen potential new owners better and NEVER allow them to give pups as Christmas gifts

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    sounds like an over anxious new owner. I would advise the woman you sold the puppy to that she should get her friends a booklet on new puppies or some type of reference source. Did you give a guarantee with the puppy, it should be voided if the woman gave it to another person, hopefully you checked out this woman that you sold it to and confirmed that she would be a good candidate to raise a puppy. If your that concerned that future incidences may occur, I would next time you hear something, go and get the puppy. You don't know how they will train the puppy and the puppies health may not be their primary observation.

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    Is it possible the puppy has an allergy?

    Ask them what they mop their floors with,what they wash their windows with,etc. Puppies can get chemicals from rubbing against something or walking on floors and get deathly sick from such things.

    The fact that it didn't eat or drink isn't that uncommon for some puppies..Did it eat -at all- the entire time it was there? it might also be a violent food allergy,or there might be something wrong with the bowls.

    Not uncommon for a puppy to be scared... but I'd definately send all the info you possibly could to these people. No offense,but to mistake shaking for a seizure....

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    I got a puppy myself a few weeks back. She shaked terrbily for the first hour or two but was fine after that. I really wished someone had talked to me about the basics of a puppy, what to expect, etc.

    As for someone getting a puppy for xmas, what a terrible idea. The person that takes a puppy should be the one that raises it.

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    I'm not sure what your question is, but if you want to take the puppy back then take it, and if you think there's nothing wrong with it and don't want to take it back then tell her that the puppy was checked by a vet and was fine and if she wants to return it she will have to have it examined by a vet and provide a report from that vet stating that there is an infirmity of some sort.

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    Promise me you didn't knowingly sell a puppy to someone to give to someone else, let alone a pitbull of all breeds. You should know to be very careful about who these dogs end up with if you care at all about the breed. As for a pitbull with a novice owner - take the dog back, she doesn't know how to deal with it and this will only get worse until the dog is a menace.

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