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I have Tony Romo and Carson Palmer at QB and Terry Glenn and Javon Walker at WR. Who do I start?

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    palmer is playing agaist a D that has trashed everybody.start romo and terry glen. the duoe will get u 4tds!

    dEm boYs will trash the eagles!

  • Anonymous
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    Tony Romo and Javon Walker...Palmer is going against Champ Bailey and the Broncos D, while Romo is playing an Eagles D that cannot stop anyone as of late. While I like Glenn fantasy-wise as well, Javon Walker is facing the last ranked pass defense in the NFL. Good luck

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    I have none of these guys but if I had a choice I'd pick Tony Romo and Javon Walker. Walker was good for us in Green Bay until the fallout and Tony Romo now has a decent receiver in T.O. for the time being.

  • Lane
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    Romo and Walker. Glenn isn't a terrible choice though as the eagles likely will focus on TO. Thing is, if you start both glenn and romo, you put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. you could come up huge, or you could get skunked. so, since you've got walker, hes a better start than glenn.

    if you are facing an excellent team, like one with LT or a team thats been scoring truckloads of points, consider starting the duo of romo/glenn, but don't blame me if it doesn't work

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    QB: Romo, Palmer is playing a great defense and Champ Bailey. Romo is playing a crappy Philly pass defense.

    WR: Javon Walker: Big-play receiver+Jay Culter's arm+Cincy's pass def. = points

  • Palmer and Walker. Romo dosen't have the protection and Glenn will just have less points than Walker.

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    i understand i'm almost blasphemous in saying this, yet Romo is greater Staubach than Aikman. he's an fairly good "think of on his ft" QB with a sufficient arm and massive mobility. he's youthful and he's proficient and the Cowboys have their QB of the destiny now and for a minimum of then next 6 years. Palmer is youthful, proficient and replaced into meant to be the 2nd coming of Peyton Manning, yet he has no longer possibly shown the good judgment that Peyton has. i'm no longer relatively familiar with Bengal soccer, however the expertise looks in place for a helpful team. The off season antics have via no potential helped the team, however the on-container execution has no longer been there the two and that must be placed squarely on the gamers! 2 years down the line this may be an entire diverse tale, in spite of the shown fact that it style of feels that Carson has had passable time to coach himself and continues to be suffering to accomplish that.

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    I have tony and glenn on my team. I got a little nervous when on yahoo they said glenn was a bad start. I looked at the last game he had againt the eagles and he had 100 yardas and a touchdownj. Im goin with glenn and romo

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    CArson ( needs a win to have a shot at Playoffs

    Terry Glenn

  • Anonymous
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    tony romo and javon walker

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