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How do I press a man's suit?

I hand-washed my husband's 2-piece suit, but now it's a bit wrinkled. How do I press the suit nice and flat without ruining the wool?

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    you go to a dry cleaners and pay them to do it right!

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    if you didnt put it in the dryer, you may be able to save it.....

    you can start by trying a wrinkle release spray....downy makes one...all you have to do is spray it on the the suit, stretch it, and let it works on some clothes, but not all....

    the next thing you can try is ironing it....i would have to see the suit, but putting the iron on the wool setting of course would be the level of heat you want to use....

    if you burn the suit or ruin the wool....then im sorry, but it looks like your hubby is getting a new suit for xmas!!!!

    good luck

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    You can put the suit in the washing machine on gentle cycle, cold water, by itself. Then hang it up to dry, it wont ruin the wool, and it will look wrinkled when you first hang it up, but it works.

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    First, you might have already ruined it, especially if you put it in the dryer. Take it to a dry cleaner and see if they can save it and then see if it still fits him. If it's too late for that, Jos. A. Banks is having a great Christmas Sale on men's clothes...just got a $500 suit for $199 myself!

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    I think that's partially the reason. I also think he is proving to people that he can actually fit into a suit after days of Oreo eating contests with Eli over the summer.

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    Get it dry cleaned. Wool can be a nightmare to make presentable.

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    Take it to the dry cleaners. The 5 dollars really is worth it!

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