How did the seamounts and islands in the Hawaiian Island-Emperor Seamount Chain form?


:*: Do the islands and seamounts lie on along the same plate boundary?

:*: Also, what does the distribution of the islands and seamounts suggest about the direction of plate motion over the past 65 million years?

:*: Please help me, my teacher didn't allow us to take the map of the Hawaiian Island-Emperor Seamount Chain home with us so I need some help. Thank you very much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are old Hawai'i's, basically. Each one used to be under the hot spot. It shows a NW direction of plate movement in the last 40 million years, N before that. It is not along a boundary, its a hot spot.

  • Evelyn
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    4 years ago

    Although Roy's answer is a commonly accepted theory there is a community of Geoscients that don't subscribe to hotspots. They feel (I think) that the oceanic crust is splitting and allowing magma to rise to the surface as lava. I guess that as the magma flows it "heals" the older part as the crack propagates. Although I don't agree with this idea it does have its supporters. There is a bend in the chain and this is probably due to a shifting with the completion of the subduction of an oceanic plate.

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