if my boyfriend lies to me should i break up with him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Naw b*tch, you okay.

    A little lie don't hurt no one, skank...

    Don't worry about him beatin on you too. Cuz that's what's coming next, ho.

    You're life will simply be one big pain, is awl.

    But that's okay, delicious.

    Life you you probably ain't worth living anyway...

    Oh!!! you say it is???!?!?!?

    Then stop asking stupid questions and break up with him already!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on how long you've been dating and what the lie was about, but genreally speaking, it is dishonesty, which should not be included in a good relationship since it breaks the trust. If you feel it's worth another chance, make it clear that you wont have a dishonest relationship. Try to trust him again and don't keep bringing up the lie or using it as a weapon against him ever. If he lies again, give him the boot.

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    1 decade ago

    this is very vague. Please provide more info. Most couples, even the great ones, have lied to each other about this or that for whatever silly reason. Most lies are just silly, but not exactly right. You may lie about not looking at someone else for example, or tell your girlfriend she looks wondeful even if she is not her best. HOWEVER, there are lies and there are lies. I don't tolerate MOTHER LIES if you know what I mean.. Such as lying about sleeping with your best friend, or telling you they love you just to sleep with you. These types of lies come from either grotesquely immature male/female dung heaps or self centered pr***s. Do NOT PUT UP WITH MOTHER LIES because there are lots of good apples out there. Throw away the wormy ones. ALSO, most mother liars will claim to want to change and may even throw a pretty good act but it is just an act. They only want what they want.

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    Depends on what he lied about...if it is something stupid and unimportant, no I wouldn't break up with him, but I would point out to him that he got caught lying and that how can you trust him if he lies? If it is something major (like cheating on you, etc) then YES of course you dump him and FAST!

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  • Depends on what he has lied about.

    Lieing is NEVER acceptable and you should let him know that...But if he lied to you about going to the bathroom then is not as big of a deal as if he lied to you about where he was last night.

    Talk to him about it. Then you have to decide, we can't decide for you.

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    it dependends if they tell you they love you but then have a secreat site on here they have not told you about with there pic on a global site saying there avaible to the world and then go sniffing arround the bar are to busy when you call and when your holding hands when they see someone comming and throw your hand down when your supposed to spend 4 days your only there 2 when they leave you by the side of the road 140 miles from home have one night stands drink potent liqour steal grannies meds and act all squirrely saying you dont need to worry were the site is im on

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    Yes if he constantly lies. If he lied about something small like whether he took out the trash or not, then no. But if he is lying about big things like if he is cheating on you, but he says he isn't, etc.

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    1 decade ago

    It depends on the lie. If it's about a present or something like that then a lie is okay. There are NO other okay lies in my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Depends on the nature of the lie. EVERYBODY lies,little white lies, to protect your feelings or big fat lies to protect his ***. some lies are innocent,some are vicious. Which was it?

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends about what he lies about and why.

    If he lies that you look good in those pants, even though it makes your *** look big, then keep him.

    If he lies that the girl in his bed is his cousin and nothing is going on, even though she's half naked, then dump him.

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