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Was it to impress a friend??

If he acts this way(see add'l details) is the what he said true?? Was it just to impress??


I was sitting by my b/f of two years and he had his arms around me. His friend came up and asked him why he was mad at him. He then told my b/f that if they were friends he would forgive him and ditch me. My b/f got up and went over by his friend and said they would always be friends. His friend then was like "bros b4 ho's?" and he was like yea. I walked away and told my b/f to have fun with his "bros" b/c I am done. I then left him sitting there in shock.

I don't care about the whole "ho" thing because my friends and I call eachother bitches and hos sometimes when we see eachother in the hall.

Was what he said just to keep his friend??

He says he is sorry. He says it was just so he wouldn't lose a close friend. He did run after my car for quite a while. Should I forgive him??

Should I give him a second chance?? He was a great b/f otherwise, he just pissed me off by saying bro's b4 ho's.

Update 2:

My bff would have never made me choose. His friend had just been dumped by his g/f and says he felt as tho everything was falling out from under him.

It is different when my friends call me a ho or cuz we have known eachother and aren't serious.

Why do guys have to act so different when they are with their friends??

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    I will have to say that you probably already know deep inside the answer to the questions. Do you feel that he just did it to impress? Regardless of whether that was why or not he insulted you & made you look & feel like nothing. He should NEVER for any reason be willing to compromise his feelings for you for a friend.~

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    i would try to talk it out with him, without any of your friends or his friends there to interupt the two of you. if he sounds sincere give him another chance. but dont jump into anything too soon. he should have known what he said would have been hurtful and should have considered your feelings more before saying those things to his friend. he might have thought that since he was saying those things in front of you you would understand that he wasnt serious. his friend had no right to make him chose, especially in front of you, but they may have some problems they need to work out

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    I think that if u have bf and then he calls you bad names just to keep a friend then I don't think he is worth forgiving. I had a bf and one day I was talking to him on the phone and his friends were over at his house then one of his friends started saying bad things about me so my bf told his friend to get out of his house. So I think that someone who says things about you just to impress their friends then that person doesn't really like you.

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    Seems to me your BF was just trying to make his friend feel better, but no fiend that I have would ever make me choose between them or a guy. Your BF needs to get a new friend. And have the other one apologize to you for the nasty comment!

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    ehhhh.... he prolly wasn't even thinking about it. sadly, its kinda just a saying now. i doubt he really meant to degrade you. considering he chased after your car, i get the feeling he doesn't think you're "just another ho" or whatever. altho if he keeps saying stuff like that after you said it bothers you, dump his sorry ***. at least thats what I'd do.

  • if ur b/f had to think about the answer then u should of just smacked him and walked away i dont know what it is about men and their friends and i dont think they will ever change its just a "guy thing" and unfortunately we will never change them

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    guys act different infront of there friends b-coz they wanna impress eachother or something, not sure about that.

    Forgive him...

  • yea forgive if he was good bf as long as he doesn't do it again

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    i dont know if this will help, but all i know is that guys will honesly tell you anything to make you happy.

    or to make you angry...

    their liers...

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    uhh theres no details

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