Imagine that you were born on a certain day, but your family chose not to celebrate your birth on that day?

Instead, they chose to celebrate your birthday on the day your worst enemy chose for you. Instead of giving you what you want they choose to give each other gifts because it makes them happy. How would you feel? Jesus was not born on December 25th and yes I can prove it. That day celebrates the winter soltice or a false god, the god of the Sun. Jesus asks only that we remember what he died for, so that we might live, but instead people chose to celebrate what he was born for and that was to die. If you are truley Christian, celebrate his death, he asked that we do that when he said at his last supper "keep doing this in remembrance of me". I love Jesus for all he's done for me, I will honor him in a way that pleases him and his father.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We celebrate Jesus birthday because the Light of the World was born, the Messiah had come! During the winter time there is no light, its dark ,dreary, cold and miserable. What better time to celebrate His coming to the World!

    If He had not been born there would be no death on the cross.. and with no death on the cross there would be no Resurrection.. God is Life, He overcame death and sin!

    We know what the celebration is about.. we can celebrate every day of the year. Only a hard heart would talk this way about such a joyous occasion, let angels sing out His praises.

  • Evelyn
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    4 years ago

    The date of December 25 was chosen by the early church to try to attract the followers of other religions. I know for a fact that Jesus was born in the spring. I've even seen an exact date, March 6. December 25 isn't the solstice––it's the birth of Mithra. The Solstice is in fact today. The solstice celebrates the return of light to the world. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Jesus also considered the light of the world? Hence, the association is appropriate. And what is wrong with celebrating His coming to the world? That's what season we are in right now––Advent. If you pay attention to the church year, you will see that ALL aspects of Christ's birth and death are observed or celebrated. Technically we should celebrate His rising from the dead, not his actual death.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like what you said "honor Jesus in a way that pleases him and his Father" And I commend you for taking the right stand.

    It is really sad how people justify this, just remember that the Bible says the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, and he is blinding the minds of the unbelievers. And in Jesus sermon on the mount he says how MANY would say to him in that day, did we not do good works in your name, but he rejects them for not actually doing his will at all.

    It is important that we honor God and his reigning son Jesus rather then a tainted tradition that in-fact dishonors them.

    Keep up the good work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are right and here is more proof. The Last Supper was the Passover Seder which is Spring. The early Christians chose that day because it was at the same time of one of the Roman Pagan holidays and if the Romans were drunk from their celebration they would not pick on early Christians

    Source(s): Comparative religion course at Case Western Reserve
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That theory, originated only three centuries ago in the writings of Protestant historian Paul Ernst Jablonski and Catholic monk Jean Hardouinis and it is hardly proven.

    The Sol Invictus festival Aurelian instituted began in 274CE. But Hippolytus fixed Christ's birth as "8 days before the Kalends of January (Dec 25) 30 years before Aurelian instituted Sol Invictus. So it seems more likley that Aurelian was making use of a date Christians already honored.

    Luke 1 says Zechariah was performing priestly duty in the Temple when an angel told his wife Elizabeth she would bear John the Baptist. During the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, Mary learned about her conception of Jesus and visited Elizabeth "with haste."

    The 24 classes of Jewish priests served one week in the Temple, and Zechariah was in the eighth class. Rabbinical tradition fixed the class on duty when the Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 and, calculating backward from that, Zechariah's class would have been serving Oct. 2-9 in 5 B.C. So Mary's conception visit six months later might have occurred the following March and Jesus' birth nine months afterward in December...

  • 1 decade ago

    Pagen holidays aren't the worst enemy of Christianity. If you seirously believe that, then your faith isn't as strong as you want to believe.

    If you've ever had a child, the birthday is just as wonderful a day as his/her death. Why? Today, a baby is given quite a better chance to survive. As a mother with a premature baby, the fact that Jesus survived birth was a miracle alone!

    Not celebrating Christmas isn't Christian because you're scared of celebrating a pagen holiday. There's more to Christmas. My family is DEEPLY rooted in celebrating the birth of our Savior. Oh, and we're not any less Christian than you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Leave it to God to turn a pagan's day around and have Christians use it for the glory of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the fact that Jesus was born. The important thing is the event, not the day it is observed. We turn around another pagan day to observe His death and resurrection, and give God glory for that. Remember Easter? As far as my birthday goes, I could care less if my family celebrated it at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    You have a great point here, but I still want to honor this day as Jesus' Birthday. Even though it was substituted for a different holiday, the point is that it is the day set aside to remember his birthday.

    I don't want to celebrate his death. I want to remember that he did this sacrifice and thank him for doing this, but not celebrate it. Instead, I thank him for the resurrection because that is where Christ truly saved us. Because the cross was the penalty for the sin, but the resurrection was the thing that gives us that hope of life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pope Liberius chose December 25 to be Jesus' birthday because he wanted people to stop celebrating the Yule Festival and celebrate at that time Jesus' birthday instead. Jesus was born in September.

  • 1 decade ago

    Um, any day that we are remembering the awesome miracle of Jesus is beautiful. I doubt that Jesus would be upset if we are all sitting around a tree (signifying the cross) giving presents to our friends and loved ones, and remembering the day he came into the world to save us.

    P.s. My family always reads the bible together on Christmas about the birth of Christ. It brings us together and the little kids understand that Jesus comes before gifts and food and everything else. We always say a prayer before starting, and after we finish celebrating.

    I think your stretching it a little far. But have fun doing what you do!

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