Can she feel that i like her?

I think about her all day long. She's very very pretty! she stares at me differently. We are not yet that good friends but she like me to accompany her. My friends kept telling me that i shouldn't come w/ her bcoz her friends are mean. But i can't help it, i'm crazy in love w/ her.and i would cross mountains just to be w/ her..but i'm not sure yet if she likes me too. But she acts so differently toward me. She spends timw w/ me (along w/ her friends) she likes to stay by my side and holds my arm, she whispers to my ears too! my response? i act so shy and i act so stiff, coz i don't want to take advantage of it, i respect her. Even if there's a malice to me whenever she touches me, i don't abuse it...can she feel that i like her?

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    1 decade ago
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    She may either feel that you like her as a good friend...or as something else. I am in the same situation. I also try to go out of my way for her. Plus, I feel like sometimes she might know that I like her. But, my problem is that I don't want her to know. It eats me up inside, but I could never tell her. I value our friendship too much. Good luck with this. May you find comfort in knowing you are not the only one out there who has liked a friend!

  • 1 decade ago

    Based on everything you said.... YES. Unfortunatly men are really obvious when it comes to women. Then next thing for you to decide is, when are you going to tell her? If you really feel that way about her, you have to tell her

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