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Help with hiding wires between plasma in wall and dvd player/xbox/ect?

i recently baught a plasma tv and they are installing it on the wall next week. however i just relized that the wires between my xbox and dvd player to the tv will be seen jut hanging there. i dont want to put the wires in the wall because what if i get a new dvd player or i mone my xbox?? i heard of a special plastic piece that looks like a square tunnel without the bottom that you can glue to the wall between you dvd player and tv and eun the wires through there. then you paint the plastic the color of the wall. if that is true where can i find the piece.

my set up looks like this:

except my tv is hung on the wall and 50in but the dvd player is still on a shelf thing like that but a little lower, you can see the wires

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I believe the best and most professional look is to make a mounting plate to set behind your TV and another one behind your DVD. Depending on the number of wires for eample a DVD player and a game console you would need 2 sets, 2 yellow for video, 2 each of red and black for audio. Items neede are 2 double solid electrical box face plates. 12 nuted female RCA jacks and 6 RCA cabels. Drill 6 holes in each face plate the diameter of the RCA Jacks. Mount the female jacks on the plate. Cut the location in the wall where you want to mount the plates. Use caution watch for electrical wiring. Run your wires through each hole. Plug them into the female jack on the back of the plate, screw the plate to the wall. Now you can plug any componet into the jacks for easy removable or replacement of video equipment. Use good cables to minimize signal loss.

    Source(s): Hands on experience
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Poke holes in the bottom of the wall and behind the TV (you'll have to poke holes through your walls, ah well) and run the wire through that. This is exactly what I've done.

    Be sure that you will keep that TV there for a long time before doing this. Besides, I'm sure you can fix those holes anyway.

  • Gail
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    5 years ago

    I just bought a 40 inch lcd and installed it on a standard wall. It was easier to hide the wires because it did not have a mantel etc. to deal with, but I have seen it done at jobs we have done. (I'm an electrician) One customer had a wood mantel, It was removed and all wiring was done behind the mantel. Drywall removed only behind mantel, drilled the studs and ran it down the wall next to the brick to the base trim, which was also removed. Drywall was removed behind where base trim was, studs drilled to closest outlet for power and wires, cable etc too. they put all equiptment in a cabinet in the corner. When base trim and mantle was returned to original spots, all wiring etc., was hidden and you couldn't see a thing. I have also seen the same set up done with brick fireplace, much more labor involved, as mantle was stone, still removable, a brick had to be removed for outlet power and another for cable and speaker wires etc. Maybe check with Best Buy, or Circuit City. They do installs. I think "standard" install is around $200.00 but yours is probably much costlier.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dude, the easy solution is to order 2 wallplates with the correct "passthrough" rca jacks and appropriate interconnect cables to go to the backs of the plates behind the plasma and the equipment rack, wherever they might be. Usually, the installers should have something like this. If not, try or Liberty does custom plates, you can design it online, I believe. Otherwise, just Google "home theater wallplate" and it should send you on your way.....unless you enjoy making your own wallplates.

    Source(s): Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association
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  • 1 decade ago

    I would think the "installers" might carry a product for the purpose of hiding the wires.if not..pehaps some wiremold (there are some pretty large ones on the market..or maybe a piece of say 2" pvc pipe cut in half...lengthwise. Or make your own chase with one by' 1"x4"'s

  • 1 decade ago

    Mouldings, I love mouldings.

    If you don't want holes, use mouldings, or maybe a painting or a wall carpet?!?!, otherwise go for the drill!

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