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How do I get my dog to stop nervous peeing?

When she get scared or excited, she pees on the floor.

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    My husky has had this same problem. My husband and I has misinterperted her urinating in the house as just her being stuborn about reliving herself outside. It wasn't until I researched her signs and symptoms in more detail that I realized she was urinating as a sign of submission and fear.

    To break this habbit, we had to show her there was nothing to be scared of or for her to contiue to show us her submission. I increased her exercise ( so she had a release for any excess energy or her emotional issues), we ignored her few accidents ( we didn't scold her because that just reassured her submissive behaivor), and we learned her triggers and avoided them ( like when we know she has a full bladder, we allowed her to relieve herself outside before we talked to her or pet her). These methods work in union with patients and more patients. It takes a while, I don't think I can stress that enough.

    Watch your dog, watch how she acts, what her body language is, her facial expressions, ears, tail etc. and she'll give all kinds of clues before she actually does the submissive urination.... its almost like its their last restort to convey to you their submission.

    I found that when my dog began showing these signs, I'd "change the subject", wether that was my tone, what I was doing leading up to that behavior or my body posture. Example, many times I'd go to give her a treat, she'd take the first one just fine, and suddenly for the next treat she'd began showing her signs of submission.... I'd then put the treat down and call for her to go out side to play ball, and she'd come bounding down the hall and meet me at the door and bound out and play ball. Why she does this, I still don't know. She has never been beaten ( I've had her since she was a puppy and she didn't start this behaivor until her adolence).

    This is definitley a frustrating issue but its totally workable. My husky is now almost 3 and with in the last year she's only had two relapses ( two accidents) so this method works, it just takes time and patients. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Most dog will grow out of it. It's a sign of submission, so don't ever bully the dog or correct the dog for something she has no idea was wrong. My boyfriend's JRT/dachsund did this for a few months, then grew out of it completely. He kept her in a crate when he was away (a smart thing for any dog!) and then when he came home of course she was very excited so he would pick her up and hold her against him the SECOND she left her crate because most dogs won't pee while you are holding them. I've never seen one do it either. He would then carry her outside let her pee and all was well. We received this idea from a certified animal behaviorist.

    Source(s): I'm a vet student.
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    I was just reading about this actaully a few weeks ago.

    One of the tips I read was to act calm. If she's doing it when you are coming home or getting ready to leave or when company shows up, then you have to teach her that leaving and returning aren't the be-all-end-all of her world.

    They said to practice leaving her in a room or the house for a few minutes several times a day so she gets used to you leaving. When you go back in, just act like it wasn't a big deal. Basically ignore the dog for a minute. Don't make eye contact, just keeping walking around, taking your coat off, getting a drink from the fridge.

    My baby is just jumpy, luckily she doesn't pee, but I actually had to have my hubby start doing this technique with my mini schnauzer. She gets WAY to excited when he comes home (barking, whining, jumping on him) whereas I come home, open the door, take off my coat, put my purse down and then I turn to her and take her right outside. When company comes over I've been holding her until she calms down. She still jumps but it's not whiny barky jumping. I'm just trying to teach her that not everything is cause for major drama!

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    There are several things to consider here, first how old are they, remember puppies bladders have a while to fully grow. Second there are homeopathic remedies you can buy, you need to determain first is it anxiety or a bladder issue.

    If it's anxiety two things: D.A.P collars or Homeopet Anxiety to calm them down

    Also if its the blader get Homeopet leeks no more, that will help some with that.

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    put her outside before she has a chnce to pee when company is coming over ofr something. for some dogs it is the age. but almost all dogs do it every once in a while.

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    Ask your vet about a natural pheramone called DVAP, I used it for my dog as he gets very calms them.

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    that is a problem best treated by seeing a dog behaviourist as it is psychological

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    Do not excite your dog too much

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    Just strategically place some duct tape on her when she is indoors.

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    stop scaring him teach him 2 b tough

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