Is a Christmas tree a religious symbol?


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    1 decade ago
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    The Supreme Court said no, the Christmas Tree is a festive decoration, not a religious one.

  • Gail
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    4 years ago

    What follows that should be, why would it matter if it's a religious symbol or not? Why take down menorahs, trees, tinsel, decorations of any kind? Why interfere with anybody celebrating peace and goodwill? It seems we have taken such a specified, legalistic view of the matter of Christmas and the relationship between religion and government that we've forgotten the basic philosophical principles of a benevolent diverse society. Coexistence does not demand conformity or communal control. Christmas does not need to be taken down for Kwanzaa to be celebrated. Hanukkah does not need to be forestalled for Atheists to enjoy the new year. I would rather hear clashing voices singing hymns out of tune than let silence blanket our peoples more completely than the snow. So, moving beyond this petty dispute over the placement of a single tree, no more or less noble than the family protesting to save their public tree from the saw at any other time of year, I would hope we find it in ourselves to live and let live yet a little while longer. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cheerful Kwanzaa, and Best Wishes to you all. Have a Happy New Year.

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    A rose is a rose, but it can represent love, friendship, honor, or whatever one wishes it to represent. The same is true with a Christmas tree. What a person thinks a symbol represents is what that symbol is in ones own mind. A decorated artificial tree with lights is an enjoyable comforting collection of symbols representing years of friendships and love, a memory tree. Though an angel tops my tree, she does not represent religion, but protection and good wishes. Though a manger sits below, it does not represent religion, but a memory of the miracle of birth of everyone. Christians do not own Christmas. For me, Christ is not the "reason for the season", but an excellent symbol of love and respect for all creatures.

  • ARTmom
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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely not- by the way, Jesus wasn't actually born on Christmas-Constantine decided to calm everyones fighting and combined the Celebration of his birth with the winter solstice celebration of the pagans in his rule so everyone would be happy- just politics then and now. Why don't you just celebrate winter and family and enjoy all the lights- Hannakah, Christmas and all- and no- the easter rabbit isn't a religious symbol.....Give us all a break- stop fighting and enjoy it all. I bet you aurgue for the closet spot in the parking lot too! Happy Holidays!

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  • 1 decade ago

    originally, it wasn't a Christmas symbol at all. it was, however a religious symbol of immortality for the peoples that worshiped the original polytheistic faiths predominant on the European continent, and a reminder to early man that there is still life in the midst of the freezing winter "death" they experienced each year.

    the symbol, along with many other "pagan" symbols, were co-opted by Christians for use in their own holiday tradition.

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    Yes it is. It's triangular shape represents the Holy Trinity and it was revered as the tree of God.

    In the 7th C. a monk from Crediton in Devonshire, UK., went to Germany to preach God's word. He found ,in a place called Thuringia, many pagans who were worshipping the Oak tree. He converted the people and presumably persuaded them to stop worshipping the Oak and to revere the Fir tree for the reasons above and that is when it became known as God's tree.

    It was not decorated at first, but in Central Europe was simply hung up in homes and churches as a symbol of Christianity.

    The first recorded decorated Christmas tree was at Riga in Latvia in 1510.

    Source(s): Sauti Ya Jimbo. Vol 7 No 12.(Dec. 2006)
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    1 decade ago

    No. it is a symbol of the season. Not the same thing. A Blessed Christmas to you. A friend of mine calls his a Channukah Bush.

  • 1 decade ago

    no because some people don't put CHRISTMAS TREE,and they are still in the mood for CHRISTMAS.some people put a little CHRISTMAS TREE JUST LIKE ME,and some people cant not put it up because there old or handicap.some people put just a little barn with a little baby JESUS,MARY,JOSEPH,ETC.the hold things be hind the CHRISTMAS TREE,is the small baby JESUS,not the tree.perhaps for children's yes other wise no,JESUS WILL ALL WAYS BE THE LITTLE BABY JESUS.And Jesus its all about HIM.ALL THIS MILLIONS OF YEARS.really its HIS BIRTHDAYS NOW.Happy Holidays xo.

  • No it isn't. But if you're christian you could make it more religious by using religious decorations. You make it what YOU want it to represent.

  • 1 decade ago

    a Christmas tree is the farthest you can get from away from religion.

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