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my cory catfish has a swollen chest?

he seems to be fine I would say he/she looks to be pregnant but all that I find about spawning it doesn't seem to happen that way and I can't seem to figure out what this could be. his behavior hasn't changed and there are no other signs of anything wrong except for this pregnant look. this is about the third day of this and It doesn't appear to have gotten bigger. any info is greatly appreciatted

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    My guess is that your fish is full of eggs. Often times a female cory will get a little pot belly when she is holding eggs and this can easily be confused with a bloated fish. However, in my experience with cory cats they tend not to overeat and as such don't get bloated.

    The only way you will get babies is if you have males in the tank as well. Having males will also give you your biggest clue as to whether or not the female is actually pregnant. If you have other cory cats in the tank watch their behavior. If you see any of them acting overly energetic in the presence of the female they are probably getting ready to breed.

    Cory cats are egg layers. The female will produce some eggs and hold them between her two fins. Then the male will come up to her and sort of ram her in the side. This is called the T mating position. This is when the eggs get fertilized. The female will then swim up to a surface, usually the glass or a broad leaf, and "shimmy" from side to side sticking to eggs to the surface. At this point it is safe to remove the eggs to another tank or a breeder net where they can safely hatch.

    It generally takes about three days for the eggs to hatch. You'll have to look very closely to find them since they are very small when born. You can feed them finely ground up flakes until they are large enough to accept normal foods.

    I hope she is pregnant and you do have some males because breeding corys can be really fun. The little babies are really cute and you may even be able to sell them to a pet shop and make a little money. Good luck!

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    Well, you're referring to it as "him", I'd hope a "him" isn't pregnant, lol.. Anyway, I would say that it is just bloated possibly.. They are pretty hyper algae eaters for sure and every time I have saw them they are non-stop at the waste at the bottom.. I'd say he is just doing his job and cleaning the tank good and is bloated.. If behavior hasn't changed any, I'd worry not. ;)

    Maybe you've never really looked close at him and noticed, or he might just be growing.. If he starts just laying around at the bottom of the tank doing nothing you might want to look into something, but if everything is still okay other than his belly is a tad bigger, then again, I wouldn't worry myself.

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    I would say your fish was pregnant, you will have to wait a couple of weeks to be sure. Other than that check to see if someone other than you is feeding your fish. Fish will gourge themselves even when not hungry if fresh food is always presented to them. Overweight fish is a problem for people that have more than one person taking care of them. It is alos a serious health problem.

    Just in case you fish is pregnant I would have a spare fish bowl handy because you will want to seperate them from other fish and the mother unless you want them to be fish food.

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    Female Cory's are bigger in the chest then the male. They look even bigger if she has eggs. I would say you have a girl!

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    aha.. mycat fish become like that coz i feed it too much. when i feed it, it wont stop eating. so i keep feeding so i can see how much it can eat. then it become like u say. but im not sure it goes the same in ur situation.

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