Deep Fat Frying a Turkey?

Is there a special or "best" oil to use and also how long or what temp should the turkey be at when done?


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    Peanut oil, 350, 3-3 1/2 min per lb. The trick to how much oil is place your bird in the pot add water to cover, maker with a nail on the inside of the pot at the waterline and the you'll know how much oil to pour in when it's cooking time.( You pour the water out naturally and dry the bird)

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    Do NOT use vegetable oil to deep fry a turkey! Peanut oil has to be used because it doesn't burn like the vegetable oil will. You'll need to get a cajun cooker that is used outside. Do NOT do this inside.

    You'll need to first test with water so you'll know how much oil to use. You want it to cover the turkey but not boil over while it's cooking. Submerse the turkey in the water to find out how it will disperse. Once you have the correct level of liquid, take the turkey out. Where the water level is, mark it with a marker, that is how much oil you will use. The oil should be about 350 degrees when you put the turkey in. Poultry should reach a temperature of 180 when it's done. Cook it about 3 minutes per pound.

    Good Luck!

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    Deep fat frying a turkey is great. There are several hints that will help you.

    First, you can't season the turkey on the outside, as the seasoning just comes off in the oil. Brine your trukey. Using the fryer pot, place the turkey in the pot and cover with warm water.


    Add to the turkey and water: salt. Lots of salt. Until it stops dissolivng. Allow to sit overnight (cold). Your Turkey will absorb enough salt to taste good, but won't be overseasoned.

    Just prior to cooking your turkey, remove it from the brine and discard the brine. Allow to drain while you begin to heat the oil. You want the turkey to cook in oil at 350 degrees so you need to get it noticeably hotter before you put a large semi cold turkey into the oil. I recommend at least 475 so the cold turkey brings the oil to a cooler temperature.

    you can use any oil you like, peanut oil is often recommended.

    Place the turkey in the hot oil and cook until you reach an internal temperture of 165 degrees. Check deep in the breast and thigh. Remove from the oil, and allow to drain well. Just prior to serving the turkey sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper on the skin.

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    peanut oil has a lower smoking point that is why it is the best oil to use for deep frying a turkey. have a happy holiday

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    I've used peanut and vegetable oil. I think peanut is better.. Not sure of the temperature thing with the bird, but I usually figure one minute frying time per pound.

    Good luck

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    Peanut oil will give it a special nutty aroma. Sunflower seed oil is healthier though.

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    vegetable oil is best... i'd consult a recipe for deep-frying times.

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    In texas, peanut oil is used. the instructions are on the side.

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    peanut or vegetable oil because it keep good temperature for deep frying...go to

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