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What do the doctors check for at ur 20 weeks ultra sound? I did have a brief meeting with my doctor right afterwards, however she didnt go over everything that was in my chart like the baby's weight ( My doc was late, so i tried to read my chart and saw that he is 14 oz- is this normal for 20 weeks??), and all of his organs, like she didnt discuss whether or not everything was developing well. Im not even sure if they can check for this via ultrasound. However, she did confirm that my predicted due date (from 1st day of last mentrual period) was on target with his measurements. I just wanna know how he's developing- are there any other procedures that can monitor this?

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    This ultrasound is to make sure everything is okay with the baby. Make sure he/she has no deformities, to check the age of the baby, the development, look for any major birth defects, and just to make sure is okay, checking the heart, lungs, flow of the blood, etc. That doctor should of told you something, at least tell you why he/she was doing this ultrasound, they would've described and pointed out everything, and to tell you if everything is working properly, or if there is anything wrong.........My advice, find another doctor, Good luck, and Congratulations!

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    an ultra sound is the best way for docs to see how baby is developing. If there were a problem, they would send you for further testing. Remember that there are 16ozs in a pound, so your little one is almost a pound. Try going to web sites like: www.babyzone.com, or sites like that. They will give you more details that your doc was too busy to tell you. Good luck, and congrats!

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    Typically your OB will look to make sure all the baby's organs are there, they'll check kidney and placenta function, look for signs of chromosomal abnormalities (trisomy, Downs syndrome, etc.), and measurements. They also look at the heart to make sure it's shaped properly and functioning as it should.

    There's really nothing else you can do short of an amniocentesis, which brings a new set of risks to your baby. I'd advise letting the OB do his/her job. They've got 12+ years of post-high school education, and in all likely hood know what they're doing.

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    You know thats a good question and I thought that was what doctors were supposed to do is reassure you everything is alright. I am glad you got to look at your file, If my doctor forgets to tell me next month, you better be sure I will ask questions.

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    I have no Idea!

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