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what would you do if you found out your child that was adhd got beat?

in school and cried and spit as the teacher sat on their hiny with the student lying face down in the same spot were other children had with there arms twisted behind there backs and pushed towards there shoulders as well as other children with special needs getting the same treatment do you think your child would loose out on an education with children screaming every day as they were tourcherd by the teachers in an emosionally impared class

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  • Me
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    1 decade ago
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    I have seen some special education classes that had some children who had alot of behavior issues or very large autistic kids that would cause a disruption and physically harm others. Why is your child in these classes if the only problem is ADHD? My little sister had ADHD and some form of a PDD disorder and she is in mainstream classes most of the day. I would be requesting ARD meetings to see if something else could be done for my child.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to report any physical abuse to the principal and the school board immediately.

    If your child has special needs, the public schools have to provide for them, without physical abuse.

    Some districts are now putting webcams in classrooms, look into that.

    Good luck,


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