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What Japanese Eat?

Why is it people make accusations that we eat dogs!? We LOVE dogs and not in a sense that we want to eat them!! We like them as pets just as anyone else do. Our hamburgers in Japan and made of Beef just like America's and do we eat babies? What in the hell is that all about!? No we do not we're not inhuman!

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    I feel exactly the way you feel...did you read a question about whether there's a McDonald's in Japan, and someone answered that they are made of dog meat by chance? And the question of whether we (I'm Japanese by the way) kill babies?

    Hey, at least people know that Japan is a country, and it exists in Asia. Some people think it's a city, and that there are ninjas around in Japan (crazy...I know. But people asked me these questions in the past, which is only about one or two years ago).

    I guess we shouldn't say that eating dogs are inhumane if people around the world eat meat of other animals, like cows, chickens, etc. And we have to remember that there were whale killings in the past....

    I think people should learn more about Japan today...not like 100 years ago. But then again, we can't be expected to know everything about other countries, like Afghanistan, Israel, Turkey, German, etc.

    It's kind of long, but the answer to your original question? Japanese people eat variety of foods:-)

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    I have Never heard that Japanese eat dogs (I've heard that Koreans eat dogs - and I heard that from Americans who fought in the Korean War). Japanese cuisine has become one of the most popular in the United States (at least in the big cities). Check out the price of Kobe beef in the United States - well over a hundred dollars a pound (the average price of beef is less than ten dollars a pound).

    However, Takeru Kobayashi DOES eat dogs - this year he ate 53 hot dogs in twelve minutes. WHERE does that man put it all? He's amazing!

    Japan has bred some beautiful dogs - the Akita, the Jindo, the Nihon Terrier and one of the most beautiful dogs I know, the Nihon Supittsu.

    Please don't let people's ignorance upset you. You are very fortunate to come from such a beautiful country.

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    I've never heard of Japanese eating dogs though.

    From what i know, countries that eat dogs are Korea and China.

    Not all chinese eat dogs, only certain chinese from certain parts of the world.

    And the people who eat dogs are not limited to Asians or chinese too.

    Well, Japanese eats soba, udon, ramen, donburi, tempura, sushi, sukiyaki etc.

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    i agree with every word you've said, and it is all correct. i think some dimwit is getting mixed up with the country across the sea. korea, where thay certainly do eat dogs. and i once witnessed one being killed at the back of a restaurant in inchon in a very inhuman way. don't take it to heart. nippon is ichy bon

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    I had been given the idea that Japanese beef (isn't it Kobe?) was actually better than ours (usa). And you don't eat babies....American Marines do (another misconception).

    Alot of people operate under misconceptions and sterotypes of others. I understand your anger and I can empathize.

    *Here is some egg nog and a hug, Merry Christmas*

    Source(s): A genuine lover of Japanes (not chinese) food and thier culture. A military family that has spent many years 'over seas' in other countries.
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    Japanese eat all kind of food. Sushi, hamburger, sashimi, italian food, ramen and many more.

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    Very opposite. Japanese dote on dogs.

    Japanese pet owners turn to acupuncture

    I personally don't think it's cruel to eat dogs. I dislike the persons who say it's cruel and eat other animals' meat.

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    They dont eat dogs, but they do have a taste for raw stuff, especially seafood. Thats why they always get food poisoning. Its in the news today.

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    Japanese eat fish and lots of fish.

    they are big seafood lovers there.

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