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Please someone help me figure this guy out...?

We are very good friends and are very comfortable with each other, we always flirt and hes always told me he would love to have babies with me and grow old together but in a joking way. We kissed about two weeks ago. He does internet datin and has always told me of the girls he meets and dates from there. After the kiss he called and told me it was really nice but after that we didnt mention it again and continued as we were before...flirting and calling each other best friends. I really like him but i dont know what to do next. He said the latest of the girls he was dating was just going to be his friend and so i said he will find someone. He said maybe its me and we just laughed it off like we always do we get to the next level or just get on with being friends....i would love to have something with him though but feel like he is just playing around with me till he finds someone else. Thanks for your kind answers :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The kissing part is a DEFINITE giveaway...he likes you! Maybe he does that internet dating stuff just to make you feel jealous!

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