where could I find piano midi's from the anime, Marmalade Boy?

I'm searching for the following:

1. Egao ni Aitai (slow version)

2. Saigo no Yakusoku (a more complicated version)

3. Yoake no Etude

4. Moment (slow version)

I only have mp3's, but I want the MIDI...

If you want to hear the mp3's, please go to this website, find my post--my username: ashantelle--and download the attachments...


If you have sheet music of these mp3's, please tell me! I really want to play this in the piano.. :D

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, on ichigos, they offer midi's and piano sheet music, however, they only have one song, and that is Egao Ni Aitai for the piano.

    Here's the link, just scroll down to Marmalade Boy and click on the midi link:

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