Why are the workers at Sam Ash less friendly than workers at Guitar Center???

just asking because the dudes at the Sam Ash stores ive been too act like they hate being around instruments, and the dudes at Guitar Centers act like they get paid 1,000,000 dollars every day.

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    1 decade ago
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    That's funny, because it is the complete opposite where I live. You can walk in the the GC and no one will even look at you. Sam Ash....they call me "Sir" without adding, "...will you please leave you are making a scene." I also had two of the worst experiences of my guitar buying life at the GC...one sold me a bad pedal and gave me grief for bringing it back...another wanted to sell me a controller board that was scuffed all to hell and charge me full list. I bought one on their website for cheaper instead. Guess it all depends on who the store management is...rank and file employees reflect how upper management is.

  • 1 decade ago

    I for one would never buy anything from Guitar Center. I consider them the butchers of the industry. If they were the last shop on earth I would start building my own...oh wait- I already do!

    Source(s): I build guitars for a living http://miragegworks.com
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