Not another sob story but just looking for someone esle's thoughts.?

I had a Gf of 3 years, we broke up 6 months ago well i do still care about her alot, but would like to think i have moved on (first love) After two weeks of us breaking up she started going out with one of her friends x-bf's, pretty shitty uh? well this guy has no car, still live with his parents, works very little, and smokes weed and does other drugs. Now I am 19 and own my own home, have a well paying job and am a law abiding citizen, and my parents arent rich or anything like that. back to what i was saying, she works and gives him all her money so he can buy weed or whatever, really shitty uh? the whole time we were together she had what she wanted, if she needed me i was there, i never did cheat or lie to her whatsoever, i was loyal an cherished her, unlike her guy now who lies, cheats, takes money, now she calls me alot saying how muc she misses me an realized i really did love her, my question is, how do i stop this (her calling) or me feeling sorry for her?


when she calls and when i try to tell her how it is she gets mad an hangs up its really frustrating to be able to say what i want to say

Update 2:

and i do not think i was the perfect bf or anything but i knew i really did care for her at the time and wanted her to be happy an still do

Update 3:

Hey martin, actually its not she also told me that :) you douchebag

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    Sounds to me like she has other issues to address before she can be serious about any relationship. And you sound like a great guy who genuinely cares for her wellbeing. She just doesn't know how to see it or appreciate it.

    I guess you need to really think about what you want. 1) To completely cut ties or 2) be there for her when and if she decides to get out of this funk she's in.

    If it's 1, then you need to do just that. Plain and simple.

    If it's 2, then you need to be patient and just be there whenever she may need you.

    Time will tell... I hope things work out for her and you. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

  • Tell her the truth. If she hangs up on you that is her problem.

    Tell her that you love her, and you care about her, but that you do not want to be with her. You have moved on, and because you care about her, you want her to have more respect for herself by choosing a guy that is better than the loser she is seeing.

    Tell her that she is worth more than that.

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    Forget her, she has made her choice. It is not your fault.

    You have avoided the problems one incurs when one marries a masochist, and should rejoice.

    Find a woman you have something in common with. Never mess with anyone who has more problems than you do.

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    good for you for not being with her. she will figure out in time to leave the douchebag. find yourself a good woman in time, you sound like level headed young man. her loss !!

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    im sorry she has made her choice --- be there as a friend but move on and find someone who cares for you

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    she made some decisions. i am not going to judge them. it serves no point for you to care anymore. i would not talk to her.

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