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whats the 'rule' for tipping to-go servers?

I often order food to-go and I'm never sure what if anything to tip the person who rings up my order or brings it to my car.


I'm not asking about drive through people! I think everyone is perfectly aware that you don't tip at McDonalds. My question refers to to-go servers eg. Applebees or Outback curbside ect.

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    There is no absolute rule, but when I did to-go orders, usually people gave me $1 or 50 cents. That's okay. Better than nothing.

    Maybe $1.50 - $2 would be better. They do work hard.

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    You should tip, because to-go orders take time from waiting on people who are eating at the restaurant.

    Depending on how big the order is, maybe a dollar or two. If the order is an extreme pain in the butt for the person preparing it, tip more.

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    The rule is NOTHING! You don't tip the person at the Mc Donalds drive thru, and nor do you tip the person at the local pizza place when you do a pick up.

    Tips are only for Service when eating inside and being served by a waitress/waiter.

    If a waitress/waiter comes to your table and gives you your order and check at the same time and never shows up again, would you tip them?

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    It depends on the restaurant. I don't tip for anything but a waitress/er who's making less than minimum wage (or really special service). I've never had food brought to my car. I don't think I would tip. Be sure to check and see if you are charged something specifically for curb-side service. The tip might be included.

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    In a strictly to-go place like McDonald's, nothing. Sonic or someplace that brings you your food 10%. If you are getting take-out from a regular sit down restaurant 10 - 15% is appropriate.

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    If my order is prepared proper and they done a good job give them a tip it makes people feel good!!

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    I would say a couple of bucks, most people don't tip, just like the pizza dude.

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    I usually tip a couple bucks.

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    It depends on what she looks like.

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