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Is the NBA about over now? Is it sinking into history?

The NBA has such poor television ratings its sinking past the NHL. what happened to the glory days of Bird/Magic and Michael?

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    In recent years, the game of basketball has changed from a fun game, to a gangsta rap video. Back in the days of Jordan, Pippen, Stockton, Mullin, Magic, and well Isaiah, the game was more about…the game. It wasn’t as much about how much money you were making, how big your earring was, how many tats you had, or what kind of shoe deal you had (well except Jordan, lol). But anyway, they played the game because they loved the game, not for selfishness’ sake. Sure there were egos, and players talked trash (Jordan was infamous for it), but it was always a friendly competitive trash talk, and the players usually shook hands and patted each others butts afterwards. Now days, everybody is out to boost numero uno! It’s all about self promotion, how many points can I score, how many rebounds can I get. How many assists, blocks, steals, whatever can I get, not to boost the team, but to boost my worth in free agency, or at contract negotiation time. “There’s no I in team”, well there’s no team in the NBA who I completely believes that. There is at least one “I minded” player on every team. That's what's wrong with the NBA.

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  • 3 years ago

    i do not understand in case you'll evaluate the superb 2, one second; its over a era of time yet I nonetheless choose i ought to've been alive to work out it..... a million.) Wilt Chamberlain's one hundred factor, 25 rebound performance 2.) invoice Russell's era 1956-1969 for the period of his Boston Celtics' 11 Championships (an success which will never be reached back interior the NBA) 3.) Oscar Robertson's 1961-1962 NBA season which replaced into his 2d season interior the NBA at the same time as he averaged a triple double for the finished season: 30.8pts, 12.5reb, 11.4ast (yet another success that would under no circumstances reached back interior the NBA, that is the definition of consistency) i have seen almost each little thing of what all of us else is speaking about from the Jordan era to the cutting-edge era.....

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  • the televsion ratings dont tell the whole story. arenas sell out, jerseys sell, shoes sell, games sell...this year the ratings are down because:

    -stephen a smith is not on NBA shootaround anymore (thats why i stopped watching that damn show and espn-i dont want to see tim legler and greg anthony and that dude with the glasses!)

    -shaq is out, and even if he plays, hes slow and boring to watch

    -teams just suck! no one looks like a contender for the finals

    -ben wallace is prohibited from wearing a headband, therefore, he doesnt play with the fro anymore!

    -the cheap ball, cheap story lines pushed fans away

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  • 1 decade ago

    cause now the nba is just focused on the slam dunk who cares its only 2 points

    now there not even lookin at white guys in college to pick

    ravioo from gonzaga 20pts a game nobody wanted him

    morrison nobody picked him 1st

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  • Anonymous
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    no, because if the nba is going to over michael jordan gonna come back to nba

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  • 1 decade ago

    Need have the fights on

    Football is on now, maybe it'll pick up after superbowl...

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