Help with wireless usb adapter?

I have a desktop with a belkin wireless g usb adapter and i have a problem try to connect to my wireless router. Everytime I turn the computer on it wont detect the network and say im not connected. I have to unplug the adapter and replug it to get the signal.I contacted belkin but the instructions they gave me didnot really work. I have a 2wire modem if that makes a difference. Im not really knowledgeable on wireless networking so maybe thats the problem:(


I went to properties and clicked on my router to to automatically connect me but when i rebot i still have the same problem. Sometimes it says im connected but have little or no connectivity.

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    The Signal might be getting affected by other signals in your house/building/area. See if you can get right next to the router and see if the problem still exists.

    If it is still a problem, then I would be calling Belkin again. But it probably won't be a problem and you'll have to figure out what is causing the interference.

    Here are some tips:

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    First check to make sure that both your wireless USB adapter and wireless router are Wi-Fi cetified.

    I would go back to using a Ethernet cable from your router to your computer to establish baseline functionality.

    remember to always power up your network in this order:

    #1 - cable/dsl modem - wait until the link light is on, pwr up router

    #2 - once the router has a link light, pwr up PC

    #3 - check to make sure the NIC is getting IP address from DHCP server

    * once you have that then go back to trying the USB adapter booting up the network in the same order but replacing the USB adapter for the wired connection to the NIC.

  • 3 years ago

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    double click the wirless icon in your system tray. Do a search for wireless networks in your area, double click on the one thats yours and it will connect you. To make it so it will connect everytime you boot go into network connections. Right click your wireless connection after you have connected to the router, pick the network that is yours and go to properties or settings and configure to auto connect everytime you boot..

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