whats the best way to remember a lost one,family member?

after loosing my mother 3 yrs.ago,I still find it difficult to let her vision go

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  • 1 decade ago
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    remember the things she told you,

    and you wer'nt able to do for some or the other reason

    it could be a personal thing ,a habit she wanted to incur in you,a hobby,a practice,may be a meal like her,the love she gave,kind and helpful attitute in her,the ever smiling face of her ,even in those difficult times,the way she smiled

    just copy that,and then watch out people ,relatives ,friends saying you...............

    hey ,you do such a thing just like your mother

    you are a exact image of her

    see her in you,thats the biggest tribute,god bless you

    that the best question i have ever answered,,hope i could be of any help to you

    lots of luv

  • Mimi
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    1 decade ago

    She will always be in your heart so you will never 'forget her.' I lost a relative 4 months ago to suicide and what I did was made a huge collage with pictures of him. They are all really happy ictures of him and when I'm sad, I just look at his smiling face and feel thankful for the time we DID have together. Life is a gift. This holiday will be sad without him but I just have to learn to accept that we are all here on borrowed time and should hang on to the memories and make the most of it. Merry Christmas.

  • 1 decade ago

    i lost my brother on boxing day 9 years ago. i think of him every year, and during the year. light a candle, say a prayer if religios, say a poem, lay flowers at her grave. the hurt doesn't go away anytime soon . merry christmas.

  • my mom died 20 years ago and its still hurts, sometimes even now i still feel her. anyway.. the japanese have something called a "bon" festival.. they put a candle on a little raft and put it on a river to say goodbye to there loved ones. its hard to say good bye, i know sweety.

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