hi my name is amanda but my nikikname is mandy i have a lill problem ok how could i get closer to someo

that i dated befor and he asked me out but i really donot want to go out with him thow and how would he understand about that i just want to be friends with him and he know that i just got out of a bed realashipe and iam trying to take it slow so my emontion can heal

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  • 1 decade ago
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    So tell him "Gee, you're a really great friend and I'd like to spend more time with you but, I have to be honest, I just want to be friends. I don't want to give you the wrong idea. Is that OK, with you? That we hang-out as friends?" and see how he takes it.

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    1 decade ago

    You tell him just like you told us that you just got out of a bad relationship and just want to be friends for now, that you're not emotionally ready for romance.

    If he's a good guy, he'll understand and wait for you to heal. If he's selfish, he may start trying to pressure you and, if he does, then that's a sure sign that he's no good.

    Think about it, if your friend breaks their leg and has their leg in a cast, you don't rush them to take off the cast,do you? No, you are patient with their limitations because you want them to heal properly and be happy and healthy.

    Same with romance. If they truly care about you and aren't using you then they will wait. If he gets mad or tries to rush you, dump him immediately!!! With "friends" like that, who needs enemies?

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