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How do I config my computer to a certain media player?

How do I config my computer to a certain media player?

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    I could help you out if I had more information. What media player are you trying to use? Which operating system do you have?

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    I'm not a computer dude (I can barely get around in this venue), but when you first install your chosen media player, it should ask you if you want it as your default player, and you just say yes.

    You'll probably get more technical and advanced advice from other people, but this is what I know.

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    You can just go in the media player options and prefs. and set it to play certain extensions. Or if you want to get real technical with it or that way didnt work go to a folder click on tools and then folder otptions. then go to file types and search for the certain media extension that you want to change. Find it and select a new target program to launch with the extension..

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    1-but the certain media player driver CD

    2-install it in Ur PC

    3-connect Ur certain media player in usb (universal serial bus control)

    4-now it's connect


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    right click properties, goto change> browse for the player & check at bottom you make that as default to open

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