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i opened and used a box to dye my hair. can i use it agian?

i only did a strand test, i opened everthing up and used a lil sample of it, and closed everything back up tightely.. that was lik 5 months ago can i still use it now..

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    No way !! buy a new one

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    Ok everyone is tripping out! If you opened the box and the dye was sealed completely as well as the developer after you took a strand test then yes you can use it again! The only way color goes bad is if it is exposed to air too long.. Then it oxidizes and loses its value! Im a licensed Barber/Cosmetologist! I use professional color on my hair but I often open color tubes and dont use it again for a couple months... As long as it is resealed and no air can get in then it is fine... Also make sure to keep it in a constant temperature and out of the sun! Room temp between 65-70 should be about right! If you already premixed all of the developer with the color than no you cannot use it anymore! If the two are seperate and not mixed it should be fine! Color can have a long shelf life if it isnt exposed to air, heat, or sunlight!

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    I dye my hair all the time.

    If you mixed the items in a separate container for the strand test, you should be fine using the balance to dye your hair. If you mixed everything in the bottles of the kit, the reaction of the chemicals finished months ago and you should get a new box.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes you can.

    the only way the chemicals "go off" is if they were mixed together.

    Opening them and taking out just a little of each to do a strand test doesn't affect the individual chemicals.

    As long as the two weren't mixed together, you can safely combine and use them.

    Chemicals in hair dye do not "spoil"...until they're mixed together that is.

    Source(s): Knowledge of chemical composition, interaction and reaction.
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    You are only meant to leave it 12 hours. After 5 months most things go off. Do not use it again as it is a volitile combination of chemicals and could cause significant damage to your hair and skin.

  • J mom
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    If there was just one container in the box, you did not mix 2 ingredients together and you put the lid back on tightly it should be fine. If you had to mix two ingredients together to activate it then it is an oxidation color and you cannot use it again.

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    Don't use it! I'm surprised the bottle didn't explode or something! If you use this old dye, you risk major damage to your hair. Also, there is no telling what the color will be now!

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    Better to start over... the chemicals have lost there effectiveness at this point. Sorry!

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    Only if the two chemicals aren't mixed. Otherwise its fine.

    Just make sure they're not expired.

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    it depends how tightly you sealed everything. if you sealed the cremes properly then go for it.

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    NO!! not if it's been open that long!

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