Disabled. Need work from home job - legit only - please!! No money up front!?

I am 100% disabled but wanting to work from home., Everything I have looked into is a scam. They all want money up front. I have checked into CashCrate and Treasure Troopers - not interested! I have 29 years of accounting/executive assistant experience. Surely there is someone out there that could use my help. How do you go about finding a job? I can only work from home - per doctors orders. I am not one who can just sit idle at home. I want to work so badly! I am a single parent, tryping to put one through graduate school and another will begin college in the Fall. Please - only legit offers wanted. No scams - no cashcrate or treasure troopers type of jobs. And, nothing that sells vitamins! I don't know enough people to do something like that. There just has to be something legit out there for me! Does anyone have any ideas on how to find legit work at home jobs?


The limitations I have are that I cannot drive, stand and that I cannot move around. I have to use a walker to move around and it is very painful. I am okay sitting at the computer, which is what I do all day now. So, my linitations are that I cannot drive anywhere. I can put in 10-12 hours a day on a job.

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    Well I've been searching and searching and im almost to the point were I'm truly about to give up ! most of these jobs require you to pay money or are scams, i think its totally stupid to pay someone to work ! you know ? it should be the other way around , you pay me i work ! lol , its totally silly ..and im just tired and tired of wasting time searching..Cashcrate is however a good site, i like it but the catch to this is TIME ! if you put time in you get time out of it , in other words you get money ! a lot of it..you'd be amazed...

  • 5 years ago

    Look into "ticket to work" from S.S. get a counselor, and they will help you, I am dealing with" Employment Options" right now. I just started so don't have no feed back yet...Good Luck!

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