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why to look for UFO if the mankind is.................?

Why to search for ALIENS if mankind is not solving the problem with in earth, lots of diversities like skin,religion,country,state region,e.t.c what if the alien powers are big racists and more developed then us, won't they blow earth from the universe?IF WE FIND ANY............))))))

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ditto, progress is important. Just because we are still working on social progress here on earth doesn't mean we should ignore space. Ignoring space when we have the technology to study it closely would be foolhardy, like being locked in a room with a leopard and ignoring it hoping that it will just go away. Space presents all kinds of opportunities--and dangers.

    Through developing technology for use in space we are creating jobs, better education, and so forth. The problem is that people keep insisting that space is a waste of time. If more people were interested in going there, there would be more emphasis on higher education in the sciences. we'd need doctors, physicists, laborers, pilots, police, you name it, we could find a way to use them in space--but they would have to be more tolerant of each other and have a higher degree of education than most people do now.

    Worse, with all this antipathy toward space, only a few brave souls (a relatively small percent of the population of earth) would be willing to risk conquering space. Think what it would have been like so few had pursued aviation!

    Worse still, there are supernovae, solar flares, and killer asteroids out there, and other things that we might not know about. If we need early warning, keeping an eye on space is the only way!

    I agree that we won't be able to really reach out into space until we can start to get along better with each other and our own environment. This isn't a reason to stop reaching for space, it's a reason to start thinking green and getting to know our neighbors better!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    It's called moving forward & progress. Inventing new technology and using it. If we were to meet another civilization from another part of our galaxy etc. We'd benefit technologically. Just as the less technologically advanced civilizations of our world benefited technologiacally from meeting Europeans,mid east people and far East Asians. The Amazonians,New Guineans,Africans and Native Americans prefer motor boats,mirrors, machetes,shoes,glasses,guns,alcohol,steel structures,photo cameras,refrigeration,microwave ovens, medical technology ,paper,calculators,electronics,chain saws and all of the other technology invented by mostly Europeans,Middle Easterners or various Asian cultures. If you think that's somehow racist. Then,you're just jealous.

    Why would they blow up Earth form the Universe ? Planets that can support life are rare in the Universe. Unless,they're the equivalent of some primitive race who have stolen a more intelligent race's technolgy and thought it would be a cool thing to do.

  • Some people's job is to look for UFOs This is what they want! like u want to post questions on this site...and aliens cant help us a lot! maybe they are more intelligent than us and they have an advanced technology and they can share us some of their discoveries...or maybe they will destroy humans but it worth to try...

  • 1 decade ago

    Aliens did the flood, and can terminate all of us.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Do not ask the same question twice!

  • 1 decade ago

    Wtf? Learn how to write correct English before you try asking a question in the science/mathematics section, dunce.

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