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How did all the Jews settle in Europe?

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    The Jewish people settled throughout the known world during the Pax Romana( they were also active in the Persian Empire, India, China) after which they were spread around the Medditerean.They were aligned with the Muslims more than the Christians (you know the old gag, Christians were like, "you killed our God" and the Jews said "yeah, so what, he wasn't our Messiah"). In Iberia ( modern Spain and Portugal), England, France, Switzerland, etc. there was a large concentration until the Inquisition and the Black Death (see History of the World Part 1 by Mel Brooks), and they were welcomed with open arms in Poland, where they spread out across Eastern Europe until they were welcomed (not so much welcomed as allowed )back into Western Europe in the est. 17th century.

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    All Jews didn't settle in Europe. They are there all over the place in most of the Arab or Near Eastern lands and have been for centuries. Those places were not exactly overly hospitable to Jews, so those in the former Roman empire when it folded were not exactly encouraged at the prospect of moving there when things got rough in Europe. Additionally, there are different styles of Judaism. Just as Protestantism was derived from Roman Catholicism, those two branches tend to operate differently from Eastern Orthodox Christians, so too do the European Jews operate differently from Jews in Arabic or Near Eastern lands.

    In short, some of the Jews settled in europe because the Near East was less hospitable and some of the Jews settled in europe because they did so for the sake of business back when Rome and Greece were growing and coalescing their civilization in ancient times.

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    the Jews as a whole people were never driven out of Israel by the Romans. the roman empire was multicultural and many Jews were roman citizens, moving around the empire as traders, soldiers and travellers. many cities such as Alexandria had large Jewish populations, probably larger than any city in Israel. the roman empire can account for the Jews in the Balkans, southern and western Europe, but not eastern Europe. i know that in southern Russia and the Caucasus there was a tribe called the khazars who converted to Judaism so they did not have to take sides or offend the Muslims and the christian byzantines.

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    They did not all settle in Europe, it is just that the ones who did are more famous because of the Nazi genocide, and because Europeans make the news and write the history books. Jews also settled in Africa, India, China, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, central Asia, America, in fact all over the world.

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    They were always in Europe

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    They were driven out of the Middle East first by Romans then by Muslims.

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    Try the Crash Course in Jewish History

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