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What happened to the Thai band Y NOT 7 and where can I buy their first album?

I used to live in Thailand between 1992 - 1997 and I remember loving the band Y NOT 7 with their song Koy Koy Poot and Ting Rak Long Mae Nam, but I cant find any info anywhere or anyplace to buy their first album.

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    well,their band was over few years ago. but the singer,he's sometime jams with another band,and he's waiting for his solo album.

    if u come to bangkok,u can go to "nong ta-prajan shop" or "mangpong shop" at ta-prajan rd. (near emerald temple)

    there,they have lots of album,old or new,or if they don't have at the moment,maybe they can reccommend another shop,or do some solution for u.

    good luck.

    ps. i only have tape of their first album. if u really want and if u come to bangkok,i can dubbed for u (i will not charge u anything,so don't worry.). but if u want me to parcel it to your country,i'm sorry,i'm not gonna do that.

    so if u come to bkk,can phone to me 0898237928.

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