About Squirrels?

Me and my family eat squirrel now sombody has told me that they ( squirrels ) can have some kind of parasite that gets in the skin.

and something about WOOLS or WOULS i am not sure how it is spelled. is it safe to eat a squirrel that has these things ?

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    You can tell by the condition of the squirrel if it is sick or not. My best month for hunting them is September, well before any frosts.

  • Lane
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    1 decade ago

    It is safe to eat anything if it is thoroughly cooked.

    A lot of wild game potentially could have parasites, but so can domestic animals.

    So, I wouldn't worry about eating squirrels if you like them, assuming you cook them well and they look in good shape- I doubt you'd be eating any mangy diseased looking ones, anyway.

    Yeah thats a good point about waiting until after the first frost. We used to hunt rabbits and would wait til after a freeze

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    The parasites are called warbles. The get to be about the size of a pencil eraser and you can see the "sore" moving in and out. It's always best to wait to go squirrell hunting until after the first frost of the season. Cold weather kills the warbles. My grandparents always told me not to eat a squirrell that had warbles so I never have.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have ate squirrel in my life as well, and yes just like any animal they can carry disease. It is all in how you clean and cook them. I'm sure you Dad knows what he is doing. And you mom probably knows how to cook them. I have ate plenty of squirrels in my lifetime and I have never got sick. Perhaps a better question is "Whats the Best Squirrel recipe?"

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    T he knots in the skin that you call wools is made by a fly,they will go away when it is cool enough to frost. I would not eat a squirrel with one in it .

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    As long as game is cooked to an internal temp of 160 - 170 deg F it should be safe to eat.. Treat squirrel and rabbit like chicken.

  • I read the question and dont know the answer, but since ive gotton this far, so I might as well just say, I have never heard of what your talking about,and have never gotton sick or squirrly, from eating the little critters, so I would say get after em ! I dont like em much and dont like hardly anything wild meat, except tenderloin of a deer. Seems you have to use all kinds of things to kill the wild taste. Probably why you dont see wild meat in stores. Bar B Q them with sauce on a grill. Its probably the vineger that kills the taste like pork fat in deer sausage. Clean them good , ...scrape and then naw.

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    What ever parasite it has if it is cooked it is safe to eat.

  • 1 decade ago

    Squirrels are not unsafe to eat (however disgusting I might find it). However, if you have some concearns about preparation and saftey contact the FDA here: http://www.fda.gov/

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