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Is it really so wrong for me to want to see Brett Favre die at the hands of Brian Urlacher?

I have really enjoyed (and hated) watching Brett play over the years. He has had some great games against the Bears and I respect him immensely and thats why I want to see him meet his end at Soldier Field. This is how I want to see it: Bears up five points in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter. Favre drops back into the pocket to pass and looks to his right and doesn't see Brian Urlacher rush around behind him from the left and gets hit so hard, his helmet fles into the stands. The crowd first cheers, then grows silent as he lie on the grass motionless besides a slight twitch in his right leg. The ref checks his pulse and looks up at the rest of the Packers and slowly shakes his head and all the players remove their helmets in respect and the crowd cheers as the Packers carry Brett off the field. A picture of him is kept in Soldier Field like Bill the Butcher kept a picture of the priest in Gangs of New York. I think its a good way for him to die. Is that really so bad?

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    Yes, get help. Gangs of New York was a movie. Do you think Brett Favre's kids would enjoy seeing their father die on a football field? Do you think his wife would get her jollies watching her husband slaughtered? Do you think Brian Urlacher would like to go through his life with killing someone on his conscience? And for what so some idiot can watch a great death scene?

    Or because you are such a demented hero worshipper that you want your idol to be executed so you can selfishly remember him as a football player and not let him retire to live his postfootball life as he sees fit?

    Get a life.

  • Yes, Brett Farve Rules

  • 1 decade ago

    You peice of crap Brett Favre is toughet player in theNFL he aint going to die from " Urlacher " who is terribly overrated

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    No, it's perfectly normal for you to wish the death of the object of John Madden's insatiable lust.

    I would like your scenario with one change - the Bears would be up by 45, not 5. Then Urlacher can kill Favre.

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    It's perfectly normal to want to see an opposing player knocked senseless by the home team;just don't go posting it on any websites that marvel in this sort of fascination.

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    You are sick. Get some psychiatric help. This kind of question and commentary should not be allowed in Yahoo Answers.

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    Yeah, that's pretty bad, but I can't say I haven't thought the same thing.

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    No! not at all. Actually I think that all of us, in our heart of hearts, want Brett Favre to die...somehow. Whether it be Urlacher, a train, car crash, slipping on a wet floor and breaking his neck, doesn't matter to me! just as long as he dies somehow! What a wonderful christmas it would be...

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    if i were a football player i would probably like to die doing what i loved.....

    but he isn't just a football player... he is a husband and a dad, etc...

    i don't think we should wish for him to die period.... he could have a good long happy life ahead of him....

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    favre has always been a bear killer is that what you are saying

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