Should I get married? (please give some advice!?

My boyfriend and I dated in 8th grade...then I moved away and we broke up. I never fully got over him which I thought was weird because I was so young. We lost contact and dated a few other people...but then some of my old friends started telling me that he was always talking about me and not staying inlong relationships because he was comparing them to me and try to find me....We ended up getting back incontact and have now been dating for almost 2 years. We are both now 19. I am working as a temp right now and moving around to different businesses; and planning on getting my bachelors degrere next year. He has a great job as an aprentice where he is paid good AND they are sending him to school at the same time (he gets paid to go to school!) We are talking about getting married in the next year, but are afraid that we are too young, and people will look down on us...I have no doubt that I want to be with him the rest of my life. He is the best person I have ever known. Advice?


Oh, and we DID live together already for about 6months and it went really weLL. I moved back home though because me dad got really sick and I wanted to be by him....

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    How Cute!! I know what it is like to have that kind of LOVE and I think you should get married. That is only if you stay on the path your have told us about. Make sure you both go to school and have your own identities b4 you become husband and wife. I think that getting married at a young age is OK when you are not just doing it b/c your going to have a baby or for more $ because they are in the armed service, and you did not mention any of that so you are good to go. Good luck and best wishes!!

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    I think it's safe to say, that if you have to ask, then you should wait.

    You are clearly having some reservations, what ever the reasons are and if you want to be with him forever then whats the harm in waiting a couple more years, after all marriage is basically what you two have now, just with a title and some tax benefits etc. I would suggest just doing the "common law" thing, or being engaged for a couple of years, and then tie the knot when you know you are both ready. Plus if you start now, you could save up some money and go somewhere really cool for your honeymoon or something.

    Best of luck, don't worry to much about what other people think, when the time is right for both or you, and you both feel comfy go for it.

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    Yall are both young but if that is what yall both want then go for it. Its gonna be hard though and maybe you both should wait to get married. Have a long engagement. Because if yall do belong together then yall will still be together in 2 or 3 years and by then each of your careers will be established and it will make things easier. And if for some reason yall arent together in 2 or 3 years then just be thankful yall didnt get married. I hope everything works out for the best.

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    I got engage to my love when I was 19,is the love of my life,and we live together with his family.We are thinking about getting married.I was scared at first because, now I'm 21 and I need 2 years to finish school,he's older than me.Now i realize that i shouldn't be scared because I really love him and we've been together for 3 years.I think thatt u should live together for a couple of months,because gotta get use to see him and doing things tha he doesn't usually do in front of u.If your parents or u don't agree about u living together then get marry but don't have babies until u are ready ,because babies are a lot responsibility and if u are not ready it could be the best but sometimes the worst thing to happen if a couple is not ready.

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  • I remember a girl I dated back in junior high. To this day, part of me regrets not getting more serious with her. Shelly was her name. Anyway, no doubt about it there has been alot of successes from finding a loving mate while young, but I agree with the other writers by saying if you two are in love and you're committed to having this work out, why NOT get school and stuff out of the way first. Best wishes and good luck.

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    You can get married, but be wise to decide it... For me, marriage is once for a lifetime, so once you screwed up you will be at hell on earth. So decide carefully and wisely.

    You both now are only 19, and for me it's still a bit too young.

    Just make sure you two are really prepare if you decide to marry, becoz marriage is not always as good and beautiful as you think.

    To make a good marriage it still need efforts from both of you. There's many aspect to consider, you can't decide only because both of you already have earning. Could you accept each others, check his character, do you know all his bad and good?

    Don't make this dating time as a time to use your mask, but let all your habits and characters be known each others.

    I wish you luck for both of you...

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    you are not too young and if this is what you both want then who cares what other people think

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    wait until after you get your degree and start your career to get married. school is enough stress dont add to it

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    he`s the one for you. :D

  • Anonymous
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    I say ge a stable job and go for it !!!!!!! If you love him and he loves you.......GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

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