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What would you do? My Jehovah Witness Mother in law told my children I follow Satan cuz I celebrate Christmas?

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    Just get yourself over to her house right when she gets outta the shower, and she's SOAKING WET, and ring the doorbell NONSTOP 'till she comes to the door. Then BUST out your note cards on "How the Tradition of Christmas Originated in America" and lecture her for 45 minutes, making sure to solicit money from her to purchase your magazine too....

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    First find out what your mother-in-law based this on. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. While we do not celebrate Christmas because of it's unchristian origins, typically we try to be diplomatic than that. I suggest you read why we feel the way we do about Christmas. Then in your own words explain to your kids that their MIL feels the way she does because etc. That should help the kids feel calmer. Then you and your husband, or your husband alone need to politely have a disscussion with your MIL on tact. Please understand that more than likely she was not trying to be cruel. All Witnesses strive to apply the Bible, but we are still imperfect. Hope this helps.

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    There are several paths to solving this problem but let me add I had a dear friend who was Jehovah's Witness. She had more integrity and followed the precepts of her religion better than anyone I have ever met. I respected her immensely.

    First, speak with your children and simply explain - without criticizing their grandmother - that the Satan thing is HER belief. It is be respected but not believed. Explain what your and your husband believe and that different religions exist and the best way you have found to handle the differences.

    Second, speak with your MIL. Explain that your family holds different beliefs from hers and everyone's beliefs are to be respected. Also, you will respect hers if she respects your family's boundaries. I do not know what they are but you need to determine what they are and state them to her, calmly and dispassionately. Assuming your 1st boundary is religious beliefs, she must respect what you are trying to instill in your children. Second, (I would) include a disincentive such as limited or no time or no with her grandchildren if the line is crossed. Also calmly and without rancor.

    Continue mentioning this to your children while at the same time noting the wonderful things about their grandmother. This will lend you credibility with your children about this matter. Do not belabor the point, simply do it in passing.

    I had a similiar problem with my own parents and I handled it as described. The effect was amazing. For once, my parents respected my position and all of us learned several valuable lessons. May the Great Creator smile on You and Yours...

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    Actually she has a point but she's going about it the wrong way. Christmas was not started as a "Christian" celebration, but I don't think it's the work of the devil either. There is no reference in the Bible that states that we have to celebrate Jesus' birthday, or anyone else's, for that matter.

    But, the mother in law is being a little extreme.

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    ~Honestly, when I first read the question I was shocked and pissed - and my first thought was to throw her down and kick her a $&!!! (she's a complete IDIOT btw! - she may try to hide it, sugar-coat it, blame-shift, or deny, but, SHE's an IDIOT!)...

    anyway.. after reading these answers, Im laughing so hard I can hardly see to type!

    Ok, let me try to pull myself together, I am in the Library afterall...

    that said...

    Sweetheart, you deserve so much better than that! And so do your wonderful children.

    (My "nightmare" as I refer to her was the same way...) After years of her saying things like this to my children, I slowly began to see the effect it was having on all of us... She'd say thing to my daughter like: "Oh, you don't want to play with dolls dear. Then you'll just be a dumb old house wife like your mother." (!!) ... (And, that was one of the lighter comments...)

    You need to NOT allow her to visit w/ them for awhile. Seriously. Her words will cause your children:

    1) to be caught in the middle

    2) to lose respect for you

    3) to feel bad about themselves AND you..

    4) pain on so many levels... they will start to feel so much resentment towards you and the world - and they really won't even now exactly why...

    5) confusion... they will definatly lose their sense of security...

    ...and the list goes on!

    I had given my "nightmare" every chance in the book... but she only took advantage of it... until it got to the point that i could no longer "cover her a&$" when she opened her mouth... One day I hung up the phone after a 'battle" w/ her & her viper mouth, and looked at my childrens faces... I desided right then that this had to stop. She didn't see my children for SEVERAL months after that phone call. (And we lived 5 minute away.) It was the best choice I've ever made. For them and for me.

    Im a "Nana" now, to a beautiful little girl, and I would NEVER do or say anything to hurt her relationship w/ her mother or her father because I know that those are the most important ones that she has. YOU are the MOST important person on this planet to YOUR CHILDREN. Don't let ANYONE take that away from them.

    Also, your husband NEEDs to have a "respect our family or you won't be a part of it" talk w/ her ASAP! And, if he can't do it, then for the sake of your children, YOU need to.

    God bless you Sweetheart!

    I feel for you. What she did was horrible, on so many levels. And it's not fair to the children...

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    Ask your Mother in Law to not discuss things of that nature with your children and if she feels she needs to express her opinion that she can make it to her son

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    Tell you mother in law to please mind her business and not to fill your kids heads with her Jehovah Witness beliefs. But I'm sure that your kids, like most kids dont care who you follow just as long as they get gifts on christmas. lol

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    I join the Mormon church and my mother in law say all bad things about because what she read on the internet she never meet one but her husband cousin grandmother who die at the age of 93 was a mother. LOL anyway I believe in you worship God and believe on Jesus Christ you are a Christian. Satan is another being and You a Human in God site. God doesn't make mistake human does.

  • I think you should really have a talk with that women. You should let her know that you do not appreciate her placing her view points about religion on your children. Also speak with your spouse and let them know that their mother needs to stay in her place. After that I would settle down and speak with my children and try to explain to them why she said what she said. Let your mother in law she is not welcome at your home if she continues to disrepect your home and your beliefs.

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    Celebrate Christmas and tell your kids the truth that you dont (unless you do) follow Satan.

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