development and type of aircraft used after second world war?

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    Yes. There were developments made and many types of aircraft used after the second world war. Perhaps if you would ask a question that makes sense we could help you.

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    several WW2 planes continued in production after the war. The corsair stay in production until 1953 I think. This plane recieved a heavier gun armament of 20mm in place of the .50 cals it had. It was also given more hard points to maximize it's ground support mission. The meteor Brits 1st jet fighter stayed in service well into the 50's and was modified for a variety of roles with single and two man versions. The main roles it was modified for was as a night fighter. The ME-109 was also built by spain and chechloslavicia for their new air forces. The He-111 and JU-52/3 was also produced by spain the only difference in these planes from the German versions was the replacement of the engines by wright cyclone radials and rolls royce merlins you see these planes in movies a lot. The B-29 beccame the B-50 with new engines and that was modified again to be an airliner and tanker finally becomeing the cargo plane the pregnant guppy. The DC-3/C-47 continued as a transport as well as a gunship in vietnam. The P-38,P-39,P-40,P-47,P-51 and P-61 and 3 were all soon sold to third world countries to buy their allegiance or were sent to air national guard units until replaced by F-80 or F-86. The navy kept the corsair as their was such a long development period until the navy had jets and even then the corsair stayed until replaced by the A-1 skyraider. The spitfire was also continually upgraded and modified but the limit of propellors had been reached as far as speed was concerned thus the jets took over. Jets would continue to be developed until the engines were safe enough for civilian use and thus the comet and the 707 started the jet liner revolution. Well this is just a general over view of those times next time be a lot more specific in your questions.

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    Yes, there were many types including the F-86, F-4 and B-52.

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    This record may be too long to record guy or woman plane, so i'm going to record categories somewhat with examples. delivery helicopters - Bell Huey (unmarried rotor), CH-forty seven Chinook (twin rotor) Fighter helicopters - Apache delivery swifter prop - C-one hundred thirty Hercules delivery jet - C-5 Galaxy Fighter jets - F-86 Sabre, F-14 Tomcat, Harrier, Falcon, F-117 Stealth Bomber jets - B-fifty two, B-2 Stealth some WW2 plane have been used after WW2 besides. those incorporate the P-fifty one Mustang (fighter), DC-3/C-forty seven (twin engine delivery), F4U Corsair (aka bent wing poultry).

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