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My fiance and I are wanting to know what type of tattoos should we get in Spanish?

We are wanting to get tattoos in Spanish that will say something how we feel for eachother. Nothing long or big especially. We would like to at least try to sum it up as best as we can for eachother. We don't have any tattoos, this will be our first, we are both nervous but we are willing to do this. We are so much in love and we both know we are so meant for eachother. We are very excited to get married, we talk about our wedding all the time, it's so wonderful. He's my all!

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    First, you're both nuts, but that's OK, after all it's a free country.

    I'd say a charm bracelet would be better, but that's me.

    Try this, ask your tattoo artist to design something that is a start of the total tattoo...half on you and half on your fiance...something you can add-to every year, on your anniversary, so it might take 3-5 years to actually complete. With divorce rates of 50% or worse, it will be interesting to see if you're still together to get it finished. Good luck.

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    Follame' mas fuerte

    " " despacio

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    ti amo.

    mama los chichis.

    ay poppi.

    mama mi huevos.

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    "Mierda" tattooed on your @ss would be funny


    "Besa a mi Culo" on your butt.

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    besame mucho

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    Puntos!!! That would be Sweet!!!

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