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Should I be worried about having overbought on some Xmas presents?

A few were of the "I'll get them a collection of..." nature, and I started buying a while ago.

Now, one has spread to FOUR BOXES (gourmet foodstuffs, wine, etc), one's a massive basket (bath stuff, mostly, and perfume and skin care what-not)...

It looks, er, extravagant.

It's along the lines of what I usually buy, but I had extra cash this year.

Should I consider paring stuff down? How do you feel about getting too much, so to speak?

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    it depends are you going to have big bills arrive in January? If so I would down size return some stuff and have it come directly off your credit card.

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    I am going through a similar dilemma concerning my children. They are all teenagers and I have bought until I literally cannot. I want them to have a wonderful Christmas, but the gifts and money spent are so distant from the true spirit of Christmas, I feel have I bought too much? Should I rush out today or tomorrow and buy more? Just follow your heart and your pocketbook of course is the best advice I can think of. I'm certainly not taking anything back; but I can see cutting back next year as a real option.

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    Are they going to be put in an awkward position with you opening yours and theirs not being adiquate enough, in comparison? The season is definately for giving not getting......but the other person giving back might feel very weird if you are very extravagent with them and they weren't with you.....or they couldn't afford to be with you and they may feel you are flaunting that over them. Be careful. You don't want to hurt anyones you get these same people birthday gifts? What about pulling part out, and setting it aside for their birthday too.....or adding a birthday card in the basket too, along with a Christmas card, and let them know that you just couldn't pass it up, it was too you combined their birthday with Christmas this year. Just an idea.

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    If you have the cash (not put on credit card) and you found the perfect gift - I say go for it .

    Its rare to find the wow gift for a loved one - if you did don;t feel bad about the cost - don't let anyone know what the cost is and downplay the money aspect - its the thought that counts

    Keep caring and giving to the maximum !

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    A lot of ppl get has the same situation. It depends if you have a limit point where & when you spend money. Also if you feel that you have overbought x-mas presents, then i consider the left over gift to save it for some1's b-day or any other special occations.

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    Very loving, kind, generous and thoughtful of you, if you can afford to do so great. I did the same thing when I was working full time. If you really think it's "too much", stash a few things for birthday,etc, or Xmas next year.

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    How do you think the person receiving the gift will feel about it? If you think they will feel like it's too much, or that they will feel embarrassed by their gift to you because it isn't as extravagant, then you may want to downsize it a bit. If you think they will love it, then give it all to them. Giving someone a gift is all about them and how they will feel, so just think about what their reaction will be and go from there.

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    I had the reverse problem as I had less money this year. but think people understood and it is the thought that counts not the price. do what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do.

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    no!!!!! you can never buy too much xmas presants! the more the merrier sweetheart! just think of it as you buying a better and better christmas lol

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    Yes! becouse this will determine the world values you.

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