i cant move on?

My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago, but we decided to be best friends because we both still loved each other in that sense. Anyways, hes moved on already by dating this other girl and leaving me in the dust. And I'm still trying to get over him in which I can't because I still love him. Whats weird is that he still loves me, but now hes stuck dating this girl so I know he wont return back to me anytime soon. And If he does break it off with the girl and return back to me will I want to take him back? I dont know, but all I know is that I feel miserable, my heart is broken, and I still love him. I either need to move on or get him back and as of right now I need to move on. And I have no idea how to. I know I dont want to date yet because Im not ready but is there any other way I can move on from the person I still love?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm so sorry, honey. I know how you feel. My bet is he "moved on" awhile back and has had a thing with this other girl for some time.Maybe, maybe not...As far as taking him back? A bit of pride is in order. He has hurt you deeply. Is this what you do to your "best" friend? NO! Be rid of him for good (in my opinion) Who's to say he wouldn't do it again?

    You can't be best friends with a person you are trying to end a relationship with. Can't be done. So, move on in every way. You don't need him to live. Look up old friends, take a few classes at a Community College if you're not in school. Volunteer somewhere. You get my point...change your social habits enough and you'll meet someone new. It won't happen overnight but it will probably happen when you least expect it! Be patient, keep your head up and all the best to you.

    Source(s): Personal Experience!
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