How to clean popper from popcorn machine?

I am using at present easy-off and have cleaned it several times. It still has a lot of grime left of it.

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  • Chad
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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with ally

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    The mixture of Oil and Salt has the tendency to form a hard crust on the metal if not removed immediately; the longer it stays on, the more difficult it is to get off. Most domestic cooking oils are satisfactory but will smoke or burn. Coconut Oil has a higher burning temperature hence will not get sticky on the popper, nor burn or smoke. Have a soft cleaning cloth in a handy position. Get in the habit of always wiping down the kettle after the final dump of popcorn. You can wait until it is just warm if you are worried about burning yourself. Simply wipe the sides and lip of the kettle. This can actually be done at virtually anytime prior to the next time you heat the kettle for a new popping.

    For my popcorn machine, I use a heavy-duty carbon cleaner that soften and dissolve carbon build up on not only kettles but also other cooking devices. Kleen Sweep is an aerosol product you spray on - wait 15 minutes to 5 hours - then wipe off. Fast Off is a brush on liquid commercial product you brush on - wait 15 minutes to 8 hours then wipe off with a damp cloth. Heat 'n Kleen is a powder used inside the kettle. Just heat a few tablespoons in water and then "steam" you popcorn machine.

  • Gayle
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    4 years ago


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