i have itune on my pc. it worked great but now does not import files?

i have 60gb video ipod. i got free itune with ipod. itune worked great to import audio as well as video files so far . but now i got a problem with itunes. whenever i try to import files to itunes it does not. gives message " can't import this file unknow error." please guide me what to do to over come this problem.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm. Never heard of this problem before. It can depend on what type of file that you are trying to import is. ... click on the CD on your home screen (not in iTunes), and you should see the list of songs or artists. Select a sepecific song, and do a command (or control on PC) I (not L). This should give you info on this specific file. Find out what type of file it is (.mp3, .wm-something or whatever) If its anything other than those two types, I dont think iTunes allows imports.

    Another thing you can try is selecting the song, and dragging it into iTunes... sometimes Import does not work, but dragging does...

    Sorry I cant be of much more help... good luck!!

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