Will the draft affect everyone? And what would YOU do?

When exactly are those satanic politicians going to approve the draft? And will it affect women too, will they get drafted into the war as well as men? How about only-children? And what is teh age-limit? And if it does come out, and they might draft you, or you already got the draft letter, what would you do? Run away? Go to war and die for oil?

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    Only Congress can reinstate a draft. Democrats are actually pushing the draft debate (Rangel, NY).

    Remember, the Selective Service Act has been in effect since I turned 17. It is NOT for the draft, only registration. No one has been drafted. It's better that you sign up for it than ignore it. You can lose your student loans if you don't. On the other hand, like any government body, they are inept. They actually sent me a "failure to register" notice to my attack submarine. They even had my rank correct!

    The military does not want the draft. Conscripts just get good people killed.

    There's no use worrying about a draft when there isn't one. Why don't you worry about peak oil, the US and European trade surplus with China squeezing democratic Pacific Rim countries, or the fact that there are a bunch of religious zealots who still believe that killing others is an acceptable dogmatic belief.

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    They most likely will not reinstate the draft. I don't know if they would draft women but maybe they should. Women want fought for equal rights....then they should be drafted. As for only childrean, I know that pareants can request that an only child not be drafted if it would result in the family name to end if the child was killed. You can get drafted at age 18.

    Since I'm already in the military the rest of you questions would not apply. However, if you want to run away then go. Leave this country and never come back. If you think this is all about oil then you have forgotten what happen in 2001. Maybe you need to be reminded what it is we are actually doing. Iraq was/is a terrorist training ground. Saddam used chemical weapons on a group of people he did not like (the Kurds) or did you forget. He also wanted to own all the oil in the region so he could control oil prices.

    I'm not putting my life on the line for oil. I'm putting my life on the line so my country, home and my family don't have to worry about some terrorist who wants to blow them up. That's WHY we fight. So people like you can get on a plane and fly from point A to point B without you wondering if you will make it there.

    This man described the military men/women best.

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night. Only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf"

    - George Orwell

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    I think it would be highly unlikely that politicians would approve the draft to meet our current national defense obligations. The military doesn't want a draft. The military likes having soldiers and sailors that volunteered and want to be there. Liberals wish to institute the draft (or at least scare people into thinking that they will) to turn Americans against this war and this president. Women will not be drafted. Women do not register for selective service. An "only child" is not exempt (unless, of course, they are female). It is a legal requirement that men between the age of 18 and 25 be registered with the selective service. If a draft is instituted and you wanted to avoid service, there are several things you could do. Going to seminary to prepare for ministry will defer your service. By the time you exit seminary, the period of military conscription may be over. Besides, it sounds like you could use the education anyway. You could defect to another country and denounce your American citizenship. Try Canada, China, or maybe even Palestine--nobody will miss you. If you already have the draft letter, avoiding service would be a crime. You would want to flee to a country that does not extradite and never come back. Venezuela would work for this purpose. You would get along real well with Hugo Chavez, too.

    What would I do? If a draft was instituted, I would join even though I am past the age required to register with selective service. The enforcement of a draft would mean that my country needs me, and I would gladly join and fight to protect my family, friends, and country.

    Die for oil? Please. Throw away your copies of "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" and think for yourself. If this war is for oil, then we would have taken THE OIL. If you think that somehow we are sneaking buhjillions of gallons of oil out of the middle east without somebody exposing it in the press, then you are kidding yourself. We can't even listen to a terrorist placing a call to an imbedded terror cell without it being all over the news. If we somehow managed to do that, then why is gasoline so expensive? If we controlled the oil, don't you think that the Republicans would have maintained control of the House and Senate by dropping gas to 50 cents per gallon for the month leading up to the elections? I guaruntee you it would have been the biggest republican landslide of all time.

    I am going to offer you some constructive advice. Work hard in school. You will be out of junior high soon, and when you get to high school your grades will really start to matter. Get good grades in high school so you can further your education at a good school like Pepperdine. If you really apply yourself, I think that you could be a grounded, intelligent, self-made contributor to our society. You might even make a good patriot someday.

    Merry Christmas! Have a safe holiday weekend as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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    Rep. Charles Rangel (D - Harlem, New York) is the one pushing the bill. No politician in their right mind (for their own political life) will vote YEA for this. Especially in light of the fact that we do have a volunteer armed forces out there with people joining every day.

    Rangel's purpose in doing this is to force the richer families to get their children into the armed forces since it's mainly the poor joining the armed forces to get the benefits such as paid college tuition, etc.

    The bill Rangel proposes is for all 18-42 to be eligible to be drafted. Just the fact that the bill is pushing for drafting those over 35 sounds ridiculous because yes we are getting healthier but a 40 year old person can NEVER have the same energy as a 20 year older...NO WAY.

    I don't see this draft happening so I wouldn't worry.

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    Theirs good and bad things about a draft. The good thing is it will give our soldiers a break, being deployed of 24 months out of 30 months is hard. The bad thing about a draft is that people already think our volunteer military is a bunch of thugs and killers and these people enlisted on their own, I cant imagine a military that doesn't want to be their at all. Women will not get drafted, only men are apart of the selective services. As for what I would do I would not run I would fight and it wouldn't be fighting for oil either. The US has never bought any Iraqi oil, we buy Saudi oil.

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    Most of your questions would depend on the parameters of the bill passed to re-institute the draft. Would the draft effect me personally? Only in the respect that people I know would almost surely be called to serve. I am above the generally acceptable age for the draft, but I have also already served my country. Should a situation of dire need arise my country would never have to draft me because I would volunteer willingly. Since all of the services are currently meeting or exceeding their quotas I don't think a draft is forthcoming. It is much more likely that recruiting quotas will be raised first.

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    Currently there is a flurry of newspaper articles about Selective Service planning to conduct an exercise of its field structure in 2009. However, the public should not be alarmed. No draft for the military is about to be reinstated. Rather, Selective Service is planning to test its policies, plans and procedures as it has done routinely over the years if resources are available. Given the decline in agency funding, this exercise may be postponed again as it has been in the past. As always, Selective Service continues to do its job of being ready to conduct a draft and to manage a program for civilian alternative service for men classified as conscientious objectors when directed by the Nation’s elected officials: the president and Congress.

    The Selective Service System is an independent federal agency operating with permanent authorization under the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. 451 et seq.). It is not part of the Department of Defense; however, it exists to serve the emergency manpower needs of the Military by conscripting untrained manpower, or personnel with professional health care skills, if directed by Congress and the President in a national crisis. Its statutory missions also include being ready to administer an alternative service program, in lieu of military service for men classified as conscientious objectors.

    Today, the Selective Service System continues to satisfy its statutory obligations while providing the only time-tested mechanism to backup the all-volunteer military when needed.

    I believe if turn 27 years of age after registering with selective service, you are exempt from the draft.

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    Very serious question.

    I am not sure exactly how I feel about this issue.

    I do know that I am enjoying watching those of you who have been actively undermining our countries efforts in Iraq and against our enemies squirm though. I wonder how many of you realize that had you promoted unity amongst Americans instead of promoting division our country may not have gotten to this point. You have noone to blame but yourselves and others like you.

    I have to wonder if everytime you accused our President of avoiding combat in his younger years if you ever contemplated that you might be faced with the same kind of decision. Fight for your country or run. If they do bring back the draft and you are forced to choose between defending your country or being like George Bush or Bill Clinton, how critical will you be then of the decisions they made.. Will you become the very kind of person you claim to despise.

    Something to think about, huh kids.


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    The Draft would be a grand idea. I'm already in the military so I dont give a **** if they take you! haha

    Seriously though, it would not be such a bad thing. People think just because they were born that they are somehow entitled to the American way of life, but sometimes it takes a little sacrifice.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    the draft is not going to happen tomorrow, they are trying to build up troop strength because we are at a low for recruiting, yes men and women should be eligible for the draft, the age limit should stay the same as it was before and i am sorry but i already did my 20 years so people like you can have your freedom,so know its your turn, so either join or leave and never come back

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