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Can a puppy get Parvo from a kitten or a kitten get it from a puppy?

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  • CF_
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    yes and no

    kittens cannot have Parvo...

    BUT they can spread it to a dog.. or puppy

    Parvo is a virus it can travel on anything like shoes or kittens paws..

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    Kittens cannot get Parvo. Parvo virus itself is spread generally through contact with another dog or other dogs feces. It has a high mortality rate but there are snap tests that Veterinarians can do which will tell you whether or not your puppy has parvo or another G.I bug. Make sure anywhere teh puppy has had diarrhea in or on is cleaned with BLEACH! Parvo is a very resilient, and bleach is the most affect way to kill it in your household environment.

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    no the virus is species specific. which means the dog virus will not transfer to a cat. the cat version is called panluk and has the same symptoms but is more dangerous and deadly. but the cat virus will not transfer to a pup either. most parvo dogs are puppies that have not had full vaccines, but beware corona is coming back and presents like parvo and the parvo strain in dogs has mutated and is having a higher mortality rate in my area.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dont think kitttens can really get parvo, but it could give the puppy parvo if it had the desease on it or something. so i guess a puppy would get parvo from a kitten.

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  • Calais
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    Not sure, but I do know that the parvo virus can stay alive in the enviroment for 7 years, so if a dog had parvo in your yard within that time, it could catch it.

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    no different animals

    how they get parvo is by the poop the animal poops and walks around in it

  • 1 decade ago

    no because they r different diseases to the different species! for dogs its called parvo/distemper for cats its called distemper! hope this helps! =)

    Source(s): shelter worker 3 yrs!
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    NO. Different body chemistry.

    Source(s): lifetime of working with animals
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