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Tattoo or no? I've seen disputes with this one, though I have two that can be covered with clothes!?

What's the problem?

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    Stereotyping! Most people have been taught that criminals have tattoos, so they associate tattoos with bad people. If you have ever heard a report like the FBI's Most Wanted, then on that they will list tattoos, piercings, and scars as identifying marks. No wonder that people don't understand, but I've been taught the only way to get rid of that is to act polite and nice while totally smashing that strereotype. Employers will more likely give a job to a better looking person, than they will a tattooed and/or pierced person. If you had visible tattoos, then I'd worry about it, but since they seem to be not seen in every day clothing, don't worry. If you do have certain times you want to show them, just smash the stereotype and have fun!

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    Then again, if you have something that you need to hide from employers and others, lest it be a negative for you, then that should tell you something about the nature of what you have. It should also bring up questions in your mind as to what is driving you to get these in the first place. Rebelliousness? A need to "be cool"? Or are they connected to life events somehow and have some deeper meaning. In which case, the followup question would be: Exactly why do your life events need to be imprinted on your skin in order to gain meaning? Do they not intrinsically have that meaning anyway, without being rendered as ink drawings on your body?

    I have a hard time seeing how anyone *needs* to have a tattoo. And given the negative aspects of having one -- which are acknowledged even in your own question, referencing disputes and asking why there is a problem -- you have to weigh that ostensible "need" against these other factors.

    I guess that hasn't stopped tons of young people from getting tattoos. But then again, I don't think most of them are thinking through all of the above before getting them, either.

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    TATTOO'S rock lol. I have 2 though I'm only 15. I'm getting more soon. They all have stories behind them so that is why i got them. One is easily covered by shirt and pants. It is on my pant line it is a bartskull just like Pete Wentz's and in the same spot. The other is not so easily covered. It is on my wrist and is juat a small pointy heart. About as big as the backspace bar on the average keyboard. By the end of next week i will have another one which i am getting on the top of my foot which will be a tree with a tire swing and a kid sitting in the tree reading a book. It will be just black like all my others.

    Everyone is against peircings to. Like i have snakebites (lip peircings one on each side).

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    People feel that you don't need tattoos because that's permanent ink inscribed in your body, something you can't take off if you wanted too. Some people think that you might regret getting one.

    Personally I have 2 and I love them and don't regret getting them at all.

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    i have 2 tattoos, one on the inside of each ankle. They aren't highly noticable but can be seen when wearing shorts, skirts ect without hose or socks. What you do is up to you. You have to decide what's best for you and your lifestyle.

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    i don't exactly understand what you want. but i'm all for tattoos. even if they can't be covered by clothes. as long as they look good and have been well thought out by the person who is wearing them. i don't understand why so many people are so annoyed by what other people chose to put on their skin.

    i say yay for tattoos!!

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    tattoos are extremely personal and permanent. you may regret

    them later in life whether you can hide them with your clothing or


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    stay true to the saying. if you're going to get a tatoo, put it where a judge can't see it. this applies also for bosses, bf/gf's parents and officials. it's best to put it somewhere hidden or easy to cover up.

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    It's better not to get it. Get a temporary one when the occasion calls for it.

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    I have no problem with them but some people see them as tacky. Depends on your lifestyle.

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