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I have a friend whose cat has lymphoma.?

She constantly is purring.

My friend thinks she is happy and I think she is in pain or dying. Who do you think is right???

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    Cats do purr when they are in pain and the cancer may be causing the cat pain. Scientists have speculated that the vibrations from purring may have a soothing effect on a cat who is ill.

    It is confusing for people as we associate the purring with contentment. Maybe your friend should ask the vet is the cat could use some pain medication.

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    Cats, unlike other animals, do not show if they are in pain. Of course, if they had just been attacked by a dog or something you could tell. Lymphoma in cats can be destructive to a cat's health very quickly. Once it begans to overcome the cat with pain, his/her personality will change. He/she will become lethargic and sleep often. At that point, it would be best to end their suffering. If the cat has had lymphoma for a while and has a strong relationship with their owner it might "put on a happy face" as long as possible to please them. Much depends on the cat's personality and bond to its owner. Sadly, lymphoma will almost definately end you friend's cat's life. Until you can tell he/she is suffering enjoy the time you spend with he/she. My cat died of lymphoma because we put her to sleep but i know it would have been horrible to watch her suffer and i am happy she went peacefully.

    Source(s): Vet Assistant Cat died of lymphoma
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    Sometimes you can tell if the caat is in pain by the way she acts. Look at her tail, is it hanging low? Or raised high? Also, you can tell if she is happy just by looking at her. Cats have a good way of showing they are content by "squinting" at you. And they have a bit of a smile on their face.

    My cat constantly purrs too, and I know he isnt in pain just because he is always running and playing and purring. If your friend thinks she is happy, then she must be.

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