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I really like my ex, but I'm not sure if he likes me, should I ask him out?

My ex boyfriend asked me out, and he dumped me.

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    Remember he is your ( EX ) for a reason, Remember the reason? Now move on!

  • Simple answer: NO

    Would you really want to feel that rejection again? Because obvoiusly you cannot trust him with your heart. I'm sure that he is probably saying "I went out and I just realized how much I needed you and what I was truly missing..." what he means by that is "I went out and I tried to find something better, but I couldn't find it, so I knew that you would always be there, and I decided to come back to least until I find something else."

    You do not want to be the girl that is always there for him, even when he screws up aftr breaking up with someone so special.

    You are worth way more than an immature guy who can't decide whether he wants a girlfriend or not.

    You have to trust me on this one, I have been through this...I am back with the guy now that I have made him chase me and I did not give in right away as soon as he "realized what he was missing".

    You need to let him chase you for a little while...tell him "No because I need this time to think about things..." or something like that.. then let him call you everyday wondering when you are going to be with him, etc. He will start chasing you just need to let him. If you truly want to be with him, let him do the chasing. The chase is everything to guys...believe me.

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    hmmm, well u need to seee if he likes you 1st. look at his behavor around you... how he acts, how he treats you, if he's smiling & laughing, just those kinda things. now, u said he broke up with you.... if it was like a week ago.. im not sure that asking HIM out would be a good ideal... if it was a while ago.. there's probably a shot. i'd have to know him to completely answer ur question.. but i'd say as of right now, you sh0uld just talk to him.. get to know him maybe even better than you did when u guys were going out... then make ur decision. =] good luck!

    ooh and remember to keep an eye out for how he acts! actions speak louder than words

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    No, dont bother. Try to find a way for him to want you. It's like a game but really is a natural thing, when women get dumped by men they still want them. Your best thing to do is get over him.

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    He probably has sweet memories of your pants, but the fact that he dumped you should tell you something.

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    Nope. dont be too pushy. that'll be another turn-off. Just show him what he lost

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    we don't really have enough info. to really know the situation.... but my gut says no.

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